November/December 2015

"Being educated can take you far in life"
They always tell me to never give up
Veneza Monteiro
Teens rebel against useless school subjects
A course like AP Calc may sound great to college officials but how useful will it be in life? There
Melanie Baez
"Education is the light that can illuminate all your paths"
Education is the light that can illuminate all your paths
Ali Sattar
"I had to rebuild my life from scratch"
In my culture, people look at you at a different angle if you are not educated
Minerva Volmar
Trying to Stem the Tide of Male-Dominated Science Careers
O’Bryant School of Math & Science
Ina Dodoveci
"Every minute in her classroom made me feel tortured"
The bell rang and that was a sign that class was about to start
Crismeiry Metjia
"This class had a sense of peace"
For me, this class had a sense of peace
Melanie Mora
"I could see the eagerness of learning in each student"
I still recall getting struck by a sword- like stick for making a silly excuse for unfinished homework or for leaving books at home
Mashrul Amin
"I was taught that life's a race and there's only one winner"
So I tightened the grip on my pencil, trying not to move my body
Tarannum Rahman
"The Teachers called us by number, not name"
The teachers called us by number, not name
Celestina Vaz Antunes
Bolling Municipal Building in Roxbury, located next to Dudley Station at 2300 Washington Street
Nathan Tran-Trinh
"I have gone a long way to discover who I am"
I was feeling dizzy
P. Vanessa Sylvestre