Culture Club

September/October 2016

Teenage Lullabies
Teens are notorious for not getting enough sleep. Many turn to songs to help them slip into slumber.
Wokie Tuloe
Board Games: A Personality Test
Pondering which board game is your favorite could tell you something about your personality.
Yvonne A. Dunkley
Pretty in Pink
"Pink represents the power in every woman."
Filomena Dasilva
Wealth Doesn't Insulate Against Discrimination
The only problem, he says, is that he's a minority in a majority world.
Joan Dotruong
Men's Fashion: A Scarcity of Style
Edward Prudent believes that fashion should be a place for men -- and not just women.
Legacy Thornton
The Everyday Struggles of Teenagers
No matter their race, gender, or sexual preference, teenagers face a host of everyday obstacles, whether they're about time-management or relationships, future plans, or the latest outbreak of acne.
Sofia Meadows-Muriel
Boxed In: The Dangers of Putting Labels on People
Labels are often based on a single fact and not a full picture.
Filomena Dasilva
Obsessions: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Obsessions can have a good and a bad side.
Rosa Sanchez
Americanized Ethnic Food: Lost in Translation
Jing Luo believes Americanized concoctions misrepresent her culture.
Joan Dotruong
Beauty Shouldn't Equal Pain
"You should love yourself, regardless."
Jennie Vilson
The So-Called Savage Life
"A savage is someone who doesn't care about the consequences of his or her actions."
Chris English
Tracking the Gender-Role Gap
Constraints on genders are being shattered every day, in every which way.
Katherine Bernardez
Gender-Neutral Bathrooms in Schools?
Enforcement of a new federal guideline may be uncertain due to a court ruling
Ayanah Stone
Gender-Blending But Still Offending
Despite these gender-blending times, distinctions are still being drawn by mainstream society.
Clinton Nguyen
Perseverance Under Pressure
"You should never stop fighting for what you want."
Vladimir Desroches
Teen T: Oh, Those Precious Passes
Tap, tap, tap.
Laurent Tossoukpe
Wireless Earbuds: Listen, Hear
A new piece of technology has come out: wireless earbuds.
Anna Pham
The Future Is Now
For some, basketball doesn't end after gym class; singing doesn't stop outside the shower.
Johany Herasme
When Talent Transends Tradition
In some communities. teems say, there's been a tradition of parents pushing young people towards professions they view as stable and financially sound.
Joshua Brimage
The Facade of "Reality TV"
Many teen say they can see right through the facade
Wokie Tuloe
Gleaming Meaning from Screenings
"They inspired me to become a woman who doesn't need approval of other people -- especially men."
Saredo Ali
Is the Zodiac Whack?
Zodiac signs can be used for everything from letting us tap into our personality and special talents related to our signs to helping us know how our day will go.
Chris English
If Age is Just a Number, Then Maturity is a Better Measure
"Maturity demonstrates you are responsible and mature."
Rachelle Brown-Mitchell
Manipulation Stations
"I hate when people try to control you."
Vladimir Desroches
Trending Now
Many teens try to stay trendy, purchasing the latest fashions and technology.
Kelly Thai
Happy Feat
For many teens, finding happiness can be a frustrating pursuit.
Jennie Vilson
The Romantics
Many say romance is dead. Not so!
Rosa Sanchez
Relationships: To Good Health
Formulas for a healthy relationship
Anne Marie Peri
The Quest for Culture
"Relating to other people make it fun to embrace my culture."
Victoria Livingston
Bystanding for Nothing
For teens, the truth often comes to light when trouble strikes.
Selena Lindor

November/December 2014

Gay Life: Guys vs Girls
O’Bryant School of Math & Science
Miesha Tavares
Rich Man, Poor Man
“I honestly feel our society is now a place where showing off is like having to eat breakfast every day
Rose Koumbassa
Throwback: The Past Is Present
In the ’50s, for example, she used her influence to help singer Ella Fitzgerald play a California nightclub that she believed had barred her because she was black
Ariyana Bozeman
Dogged by the Pit Bull Vs. Rottweiler Debate
“I don’t mess with those type of animals,” says Ortega, from Community  Academy of Science and Health
Basia Brown
Fashion Peace
“Fashion itself is a form of capitalism that companies use to say what’s in demand  and what’s not
Marcos Hernandez
Work Money Tug-of-War
“Why not support your parents? They always support you
Brianny Pujols
Insecure, For Sure
“A girl may feel comfortable being a boy and a boy may feel comfortable being a girl
Jamillat Doumbia
Heeding Your Horoscope
O’Bryant School of Math & Science, likes to read her horoscope
Christine Nguyen
The True Meaning of Demeaning
“I felt like I was by myself
Widentza Pacombe
Filled With Self-Doubt
“Today we will write ‘I am’ poems
Emily Jimenez
Stalked: An Uncomfortable Presence
One might leave you socially isolated while the latter can bring on restraining orders
Marcos Hernandez
Feminism, Tumblr Style
Fast forward to 2014 and thousands of young women are now self- proclaimed feminists, with a large part of the movement originating from the social media site, Tumblr
Mandusu Sidibay
Death-Defying Acts
Like death will never come knocking on their doors
James Whitter
Mind Your Manners: (Um, What Manners?)
Blame it on their friends
Kelvin Crisostomo
Introducing the Model Parent
“The perfect  parent will always choose their child over anything because they were brought  into the world by them
Jennifer Le

September/October 2014

Feeling down on Beantown
She wants to live in LA because she believes it’s more exciting
Precious Nuñez
Love is...
Someone else has filled her nights with closeness, trust, love, and intimacy
Shavon McBynum
Rat poison
However, if she was subject to harm, she would understand
Ilma Golemi
Swag vs. class
For example, where you would tuck your shirt in for class, you take it out for swag
Adamajan Bah
Movin' Out?
Then there are those who can’t wait to get out
James Whitter
Bias against boys
Bias against young men, however, is an argument that very few find notable
Sharon Nguyen
Keepin’ it real
“You can’t live your life in lies
Shavon McBynum
Beloved beasts
Some feel that they share a connection with aquatic wildlife while others can’t get enough of furry and fluffy pets
Yaniellis Flores
The American Dream is alive and well
O’Bryant School of Math & Science, still believes in the American Dream
Ilma Golemi
Sand storm
Carson -- teens interviewed say they would rather go to Revere
Basia Brown
Gone catfishing
O’Bryant School of Math & Science
Ilma Golemi
WorldStar worries
O’Bryant School of Math & Science
Brianny Pujols
Victims of social media attacks speak out
“It really makes you feel hopeless and like nobody would ever like you again
Jalene Sanchez
Never-ending gender blending
Kennedy Academy for Health Careers
Lianna Rivas
The nickname game
He was given the nickname by his sister when he was little because she could not pronounce his full name and shortened it
Cameron Teleau
The Daquan phenomenon
Tashayla Borden
Happy talk
“How can a kid laughing not make you happy -- they are bodies full of joy
Lianna Rivas
The truth hurts
“It also made me realize that I had a purpose before anyone else had an opinion
Debora Saintjean

January/February 2014

One step at a time
Others do it through writing
Farmata Samati
A plan from parents
However, parents can stop the kids from watching them
Ritza Joseph
The benefits of belly laughs
There are many good benefits you can obtain from laughing
Jeffrey Alcantara
Food equals mood
Accord- ing to scientists, your diet not only affects the physical part of your body but also your psychological mood
Estefany Ramos
“SpongeBob”: not so fantastic
I live with children every day and I see their reaction after watching the show
Carlos Ribeiro
“SpongeBob Squarepants”: a reality check or menace to society?
I don’t let my son watch it, either
Genesis Duran
Fear of love
Love is a tender thing; when heartbreak comes, it’s like something is killing your soul in slow motion
Penda Seck
Food fight
They share lockers, clothes, and even money, but some teens feel a line is crossed when friends pick food off their plate
Jamal Young
Relationship rules
If the person she also was attracted to didn’t have the same mind-set as her, she would forget about him
Tenneh Sesay
A day with nature
It taught me that the moment when we get tired of life, tired of the same thing every single day, is the exact moment when we should actually do something different
Ilma Golemi
Working class hero
Trust me, I’ve seen all the episodes repeatedly
Shanique Lewis
TV or not TV
Back in the day, TV was used to see news and watch movies
Ali Diakite
Go read a book
Sometimes, a child can get addicted
Nishan Okubazghi
Taking control
When I came to America, I noticed that my mom didn’t like me to go outside much, so she always told me to watch TV
Arquely Burgos
Slow down
Sometimes, TV can be beneficial for learning English
Seila Cardoso

September/October 2013

The new math: addition by subtraction
She finds herself unapproachable and wants to remove this to be more confident later in life
Harrianne Errie
Bucket lists of the stars
Before I die, I would like to go diving -- skydiving, cliff diving, and scuba diving
Liraniz Colón
Obessions: the weirder the better
“It’s weird, I know, to dream about food, but I do
Adamajan Bah
Click. Life without a cellphone
No worries, she says
Sahanty Nawa
Haitian destination
For Haitian parents, the hopes can be especially high for their kids to become successful professionals -- doctors, lawyers, or engineers — even if it is not the child’s choice
Rosana Belizaire
Bucket lists do exist
Like others, they have a mental list of the most interesting things they want to do before they die, ranging from the simple to the more daring
Liraniz Colón
Sitting in judgment
Teens say that just because some don’t like the way a person dresses or acts or what they believe in doesn’t mean they should be treated rudely
Ilma Golemi
Games in the back of the bus
“But sometimes it can get out of hand
Jamal Young
Cellphone ferocity
O’Bryant School of Math & Science, says she spends about eight hours a day on her smartphone, checking social media websites and reading
Diana Barbosa
Shading the truth
She believes many teenagers prefer lighter skin because of pressure from society and from peers
Toiell Washington
Death toll
This death was prepared for; the great grandmother was 107 years old
Harrianne Errie
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
O’Bryant School of Math & Science, often sees dispatches about perfect relationships on her Instagram feed
Christine Nguyen
Pretty cool
Someone with great features may turn heads in a crowded room, but, teens say, it’s those whose personalities draw us to them who will win our deep affection and esteem
Mariam Bah
Discovering your dark side
“There comes a day where they explode
Ilma Golemi


Rude parents
O’Bryant School of Math & Science
Faradia Jolicoeur
Fathers and boyfriends: Nah!
Her dad thought he was a bad influence on his daughter, she says, and now he’s her ex
Farmata Samati
Finding your comfort zone
O’Bryant School of Math & Science
Osman Fofanah
The meaning of life
“I believe that you’re able to do whatever you want to do only if you decide that’s how you want to live your life
Rose Koumbassa
Pursuing the purse: Putting the backpack back on the rack
“Purses hurt your arms and wrists
Naika F. Métélus
Holidaze: Celebratory spirit wanes
Fifteen-year-old Joey Rodriguez says he misses the good old days of Halloween. “It makes me feel
Kathy Le
Anxious moments
O’Bryant School of Math & Science, says she has a plan for dealing with the hotspots of anxiety
Jia Lin Zhen
Unhealthy friendships
O’Bryant School of Math & Science, says he’s been in toxic friendships
Jerisia Silva
First kiss
She was 11
Jamillat Doumbia
Bling is the thing: Expressing yourself through jewelry
She expresses her animal obsession with owl earrings and an owl necklace instead of through words
Manuela Patino Sanchez
Declarations of independence
“They’re the fundamental basis of my character and integrity
Kawtar Bennani
Extreme makeover teen edition, part two: "Perfection isn't about being perfect"
“Like I want to be able to absorb knowledge with more ease
Antiah Thornton
Extreme makeover teen edition, part one: Destiny's do-overs
O’Bryant School of Math & Science
Ilma Golemi
Don't judge a look by its cover
O’Bryant School of Math & Science
Princell Feliz Franco
Hogging center stage
Teens have different reasons for trying to grab the spotlight, from hoping to make friends to just enjoying making a scene
Widentza Pacombe