AFH photo by Cuong Huynh
“Elena, but I want you to go with me, please.”
“I would go but I don’t want to leave the house.”
The two of them -- Elena and her best friend Sarah -- were sitting on a bed in Elena’s room.
“I seriously don’t know. I just want to stay home.”
“I understand but at least promise me you’ll think about it.”
“Fine. I will let you know tomorrow.”
“Thanks. Call me. I need to go now. My mom is waiting for me to help her with dinner.”
“OK, bye.”
Elena went back to her room and stayed there for the rest of the day. Actually, she stayed there for two weeks.
Sarah was worried and talked to Elena’s mother.
“At school, the teachers were asking for her,” Sarah said.
“Do you know why she is like that?” Elena’s mother asked.
“I have an idea.”
“I can guess it’s her phone.”
More days passed and Elena was still in
her room.
“Elena, I need to talk to you,” Sarah said. “About what?”
“About what is happening with you.” “What do you mean? This is who I am, and
now would you please leave me alone.”
“No, because you are my best friend and I want what’s best for you. And right now, your phone is dangerous. You spend too much time on it,” said Sarah, filled with concern for Elena....
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AFH photo by Cynthia Ginnetti
Apostrophe kidnapped the security guard from the semicolon once, where the government locks its secret weapons.
He entered the security room where new data is held.
“I need to break locks to and the new technology that the government created to copy/paste weapons faster,” Apostrophe thought.
He started busting-up everything.
“Where is the tiny little chip?” Apostrophe wondered.
He was looking everywhere, crazily, with his green eyes, and time was running out. This generation is killing each other for no reason -- all because the land has become one on earth, Apostrophe knew.
“Finally, you tiny little chip,” he muttered. “It took me all this time to find you.”
At that moment, he started to remember how he’d been bullied by a neighbor years ago.
“You stupid shape -- like an apostrophe,” he was told, and felt heartbroken and angry.
Now, suddenly, he heard a sound from outside the security room. He winced and dropped the chip on the floor. He struggled to pick it up.
“Why God,” he sighed, “did you have to make me in the shape of an apostrophe?”
Apostrophe spent many days trying to change his look, only to later learn an important life lesson....
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AFH artwork by Andrew Chauppetta
By the year 2080, England had become a world of total technology. Donald Trump IV, a selfish and corrupt man, was the president. He would do anything to hold onto power in this society.
He met a man named Joshua, an inventor at Harvard University, and asked him to propose a new device that could control people’s minds.
Patricia, a 30-year-old woman, worked for Trump at a company that made small diamond jewels that became known as magic cancer preventers. People wore them on their foreheads to block cancer from developing.
Everybody wore one except Donald Trump IV....
One day, after working late, Patricia was going through a batch of videotaped commercials that were made to promote the product when she discovered an important one that belonged to the president.
“This device is magnificent when it comes to controlling a human’s mind,” came the words. “With this device placed on someone’s forehead, whomever has access to the system room is the only one that is able to control that person’s mind. You can stop someone from rebelling against your orders by making the person do what you want and be satisfied.”
“What? Please tell me this isn’t true, that this whole idea of the device preventing cancer has been a lie,” Patricia said to herself, shocked....
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AFH artwork by Billy Nunez
Everything was different in the year 2025. They passed a law saying that children had to take pencil guns to school.
The problem started when Royalty’s mother handed her a pencil gun in the kitchen one morning.
“Here my love -- take this.” “Mom, but why?”
“Honey, you need this to protect
yourself. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”
“But I don’t like this idea. This makes me scared, mom.”
“Royalty, please don’t make this difficult.”
“All this is ridiculous, mom. How can you feel safe with something material?”
“Take it and I don’t want any calls from the principal that you left your pencil gun.”
Royalty was extremely mad and called her best friend, Carlos.
“Hi Carlos.”
“Long time that I don’t talk to.”
“I know. I just finished fighting with my mother.”
“What happened?”
“She wants me to use this pencil gun -- supposedly to protect 
“I know. My mom was talking to me about it, too. But don’t worry,” Carlos assured her....
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Billy Nunez / AFH Artwork
It was the year 3040, the era of the robot. Emerson, a young teenager, was crying in the hallway of his mansion. His parents decided to buy a robot to take care of their son -- prepare breakfast for Emerson, drive him to school.
Emerson’s father walked in the front door.
“What happened son? Why are you crying?”
“I’m crying because you and mom don’t love me.”
“We love you so much son, don’t say that.”
“Why did you and mom buy a robot to take care of me?”
“We don’t have time to take care of you.
We thought the robot would be better for you. Now go to bed, son.’’
Emerson refused to go to school the next day and stayed in his room, crying.
His father came home early and looked for his wife.
“I’m going to delete the robot,” he told her...
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