AFH artwork by Tercia Mota
“Candy!” the owner of the house yelled angrily. Candy rushed out of the kitchen with a tomato and knife in her hand.
“What’s wrong?” Candy asked.
“How many times do I have to tell you that I need my money? I have been waiting for two whole years. Look at this farm you’ve got. Don’t you make money from the crops? I need my money. I don’t care how you get it.”
“I will get it no matter what, but you know that nowadays no one wants to lend you money. Everyone is just greedy and they don’t want you to get higher than them.”
“I don’t care,” the owner said. “If I don’t get my money, then say goodbye to these healthy looking crops and this house of yours.”
Candy was all worried.
The next morning, she went to meet her friend, a crop-nutrition scientist.
“I really don’t know what to do,” Candy said. “Everyone is rich and I’m the odd one out. Please help me.”
“I’ll help you but you have to follow the instructions that I give you. Just a week ago, I made a new solution that will double the nutrition that the plants get from the sunlight. I didn’t feed it to any plant yet so just try it only on one plant and only once per day, OK?”
“Thank you so much. I’ll feed it to only one plant.”
The following morning, Candy woke up all excited. She had an idea.
“If I spray the chemical on all the plants,” she thought, “they will grow faster and that will help me pay o all of my debts. I’ll get rich just like everyone else.”
Weeks went by. When Candy checked the farm one day, what she saw was unbelievable. The apple, mango, banana and other trees were huge, like the Eiffel Tower, with green liquid coming out of the leaves and the branches moving like hands.
“Oh my God!” Candy screamed as the tomato tree began to rise and swallow her up....
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AFH artwork by Joel Diaz
For 70 years, there had been no rain.
It was the year 2167 and there was a complete drought in the world. The government started getting worried about food and population growth.
“Honey, I’m home,” said Patrick.
Patricia got to the couch to give him a hug. “Honey, you stink like a skunk,” she said.
“I haven’t been able to take a shower for two days,” Patrick said.
Patrick was a soldier. Since the United States was not at war, the government used them to go to farms and seize the food. They put all the food that was left in the US at a military base to control how people ate.
Patrick has been doing that for two days, without sleep or shower.
Patrick listened to the news coming from the TV.
“The amount of food left in the country cannot feed the number of babies being born every day,” said the newscaster....
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AFH artwork by Shirley Fang
One day, in the year 2050, Mark wanted to buy a spaceship and travel to Mercury.
“This is so ridiculous,” said his older brother, Julien. “Do you know how many people were lost there? They can’t even come back to Earth because they lose direction.”
“Well, I’m strong and smart and I don’t need someone to control me.”
Mark went ahead and bought the spaceship, anyway. The trip to Mercury took less than an hour because the spacecraft was so fast.
When Mark arrived, he saw a different world, with creepy creatures that looked half animal, half human.
On the third day, Julien’s phone alerted him that Mark was in trouble.
Julien called his brother, but no one replied.
“Mark, can you hear me?”
So he went to the spaceship company and was very angry at the owner.
“This is enough,” Julien said. “People are dying. Others are in trouble and struggling for their lives there.”
“What are you talk about? This is my company and I’m benefiting through this project. I’m not killing anybody. I don’t know why people are dying. My job is to sell my spaceship to people to have fun,” said the owner....
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AFH photo by Mary Nguyen
Alex felt very angry as he listened to the radio with his friend Jack.
It was 2:30 pm one day in the year 2020 and the government made everybody listen to the same radio station.
“Ladies and gentlemen,” came the announcement. “We are going to introduce GPS watches and tell you what this technology can do. This will help us control society because it shares locations and we can hear what people say.”
Alex became even more agitated.
“It’s time for me to have my privacy and do whatever I want and talk about anything.”
“What are you going to do?” Jack asked.
“We have to find a way to stand up against what the government proposes,” said Alex...
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Small towns in the Southern hemisphere were getting wiped out by the North, which was testing the number of people that one nuclear bomb could kill.

Donna Packer, governor of the North, in the year 2065, was giving a speech.

“Me and my team have been working on a device called the Wristband Protector. The purpose of this is to protect us from the aftermath,” she said.

Later, her daughter would discover the true meaning of this apparatus....

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