AFH Photo // Yvonne YangYing Chen
The cool air from the air conditioner greeted me as I walked through the door. The inviting smell of roast beef, savory garlic, and fermented cabbage made my stomach rumble as my friends and I took our seats. 
 One side of the restaurant consisted of traditional Korean style seating; short tables where you have to sit on the floor, with your legs folded and shoes off. The opposite side was western with modern tables and chairs.  
On the table were two jars of water to be poured and shared among friends and family. This is common in Korean restaurants and a tradition in Korean culture. The atmosphere was inviting, too. They were playing Korean pop in the background and the tables were full of friends and families. 
 The menu had an array of grilled pork and beef, mixed rice with assorted vegetables, and piping hot oxtail soups. I chose the grilled pork belly ($16.95) which is served with a side of rice, lettuce, and bean paste. After we placed our orders, the waitress came over and gave us banchan - side dishes. Banchan included kimchi, which is fermented cabbage, tofu, radish, and other spicy dishes.  
The food came relatively fast, with the bibimbap coming out first. Bibimbap is a dish of rice, vegetables, beef or chicken, and a sunny side up egg. It is meant to be mixed around so that every bite contains all the ingredients.  
The fresh and aromatic smell of sliced cucumber and sesame oil wafted in the air. There were two options, dolsot bibimbap ($12.95) which comes out on a hot stone or plain bibimbap ($11.95) which is served cold. The normal bibimbap was refreshing. I recommend eating it on a hot day.  
The pork belly did not have a lot of flavor but when dipped into the bean paste, it was savory and salty. The beef ($15.95) however, stole the show. It was nice and charred on the outside and had a sweet and savory flavor. It reminded me of com suong, a Vietnamese pork chop and rice dish.  
Overall, I would rate the restaurant a 7.5/10. The menu was limited, but the food was good. The price was alright (Korean restaurants are pretty expensive), but the service was not the best as the waiters did not pay much attention to us.  
Seoul SoulongTang | 1245 Commonwealth Ave, Allston, MA 02134. 
Sunday - Wednesday 11AM - 10:30PM 
Thursday - Saturday 11AM - 11PM  
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AFH Photo // Tristin Heap
The summer is the perfect time to chill out, go to the beach, or just take long destinationless strolls or car rides. Sunsets and cool drinks pair amazingly with great music. Here is a list of song recommendations that will change your life: 

1. Calvin Harris - Slide ft. Frank Ocean and Migos 
Initially, I listened to this song because Frank Ocean was on it (and he is my God) but I should not have been that foolish because Calvin Harris makes amazing songs. The instrumentals, the vocals, everything screams summer!  From the piano intro to the rap, it is a musical journey. The song itself is catchy. It’ll be stuck in your head for days. Calvin Harris knows how to make hits. 
2. Drake - Passionfruit 
From Drake’s new album More Life, Passionfruit is a song that will bring you straight into your feelings. This song is a sweet jam to listen to. However, the intro of a man addressing a crowd is a bit weird and I would recommend skipping it. This is the type of song you can listen to during long drives or lounging on your bed with the sunset seeping through your curtains. 
3. Drake - Get It Together 
This is a slow song compared to Drake’s usual style. But, this song is amazing! Jorja Smith’s voice is soft and rhythmic. Like all Drake songs, this is also hard to get out of your head. This song is perfect for an R&B playlist, to dance around in your room, or for lip synching. 
4. Sza -  Love Galore ft.Travis Scott 
Sza is sensational! Simply a goddess. Love galore is such a bop. From the great instruments, beats, her vocals, and Travis Scott’s rap, this song is the definition of exhilaration and is perfect for the summer -- a time for no consequences.  
5. Kali Uchis - Know What I want 
This song is ideal for days at the beach or adventures to the lake. With tropical vibes, this is a great song to jam out to. 
6. Shakira - Chantaje 
Even if you don’t speak Spanish, this very danceable. From Shakira’s iconic voice to Maluma’s sultry verse -- this song will be stuck in your head for days.   
7. Daniel Caesar - Get You  (ft. Kali Uchis)  
This is an R&B song that can be paired flawlessly with late night car rides. Daniel Caesar’s passionate voice is perfect and the slow beat of this song is honestly addictive. From the catchy bass to  Kali Uchis’ verse, this song is great for just chilling.   
8. Crush - Castaway 
This song has a beachy vibe that can complement the feeling of the sun on your skin. The electronic instrumentals really mimic the feeling of swimming in cool rhythmic waves.  
9. Steve Lacy - Dark Red 
Unlike other songs, this song does not have strong beats, but rather a subtle drum beat and a great bass line. This is a chill and groovy song -- perfect for a euphoric road trip.  
10. Heize - And July Ft. Dean 
This song starts off with a ‘90s drum beat, but immediately jumps into modern pop. This is a Korean pop song that has eastern and western influences. Although the lyrics are in Korean, there is a bridge in English. This song is easy to get addicted to. 
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AFH Photo // Meleeza Pires
To live the American dream means to live in the family house that you own
Debt free
That you paid with the money that your white ancestors swept from my black ancestors hands

It means to be able to walk out of the classroom and come right back in 
No questions asked
Because the color of your skin is perceived as superior to mine

It means to be able to speed while driving and get pulled over by a cop and get a free lesson on how to tie a tie
It means that I, as a black woman, get paid way less than the average white woman, who gets paid way less than the average white man

If I can bully a disabled kid and get life, best believe that the next white person will become president
If I can stand in front of a store and get shot, best believe that the next white person will be called a renowned business owner
If I can sit in a car with my kid and die, best believe that the next white person will get off with a warning 
If I can fix my broken down car and get body slammed, best believe that the next white person will get the number to the tow company that has been in the family for years 

If I laugh out loud I am a hooligan

If I wear my color proudly I am crazy for wanting to be associated with my culture and embracing my culture because only God knows why anyone would want to be associated with "that group" 

If I witness a crime I am part of it

If I keep quiet I am obstructing justice and not protecting my family from those that don't like me 
That can't stand me
That hate the fact that #blacklivesmatter is a movement and #whitelivesmatter isn't 

To live the American dream means to participate in the death of an innocent 12 year old boy and come out 60 years later and say you lied only because you don't expect repercussions because your fellow white folks will take pity

To live the American dream means that you get first dibs on a position not because of your qualifications but because of the justification that if you are five shades lighter than me you can demand the world and receive it

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AFH Photo // Esther Bobo
I´m placed in a coffin before birth, 
being black in America.  
I´m given scraps while starving, 
and told I don't deserve to be full. 
I´m stripped of basic human needs,  
and while cold and kingdomless,  
I'm told that I'm not human, 
therefore, my conditions are just. 
I´m hated while emanating love, 
I'm kicked while reaching for a hug, 
I´m attacked while upholding peace 
I´m mocked while silent, 
and I'm mocked when I speak. 
Being black in America.  
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My Freedom Is Restricted: An Immigrant’s Tale
AFH Photo // Janelin Pineyro
I feel restricted to express myself  
I feel detained and scared 
As the waves beat against the shores 
I am imprisoned and I feel injustice 
I ask myself these questions 
Am I really going to be free? 
This land of …. 
What will my future be like? 
On the shores of America 
My life is based on the justice system  
She weighs and measures  
But resides in the hands of hardened men  
Who care about their personal economy 
Afraid that we come with plagues 
Plagues are we, in the eyes 
of many, Men are afraid 
Of rotten mangoes infecting 
The fresh seeds on the tree 
Perhaps they might be right 
Perhaps they might be wrong 
But are we really rotten mangoes? 
Or are we just ready for the harvest 
So that we can reap what we sow, 
Immigrants are we, not plagues,  
Who devour the fruits but rather 
Harvest the fruits for the purpose 
Of achieving the American Dream. 
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