Have you ever 
just been in a state of loneliness 
but you’d rather deal with the pain 
that comes to surface occasionally 
when all you want is companionship, 
rather than seek for another’s heart
because people also bring loneliness and pain and
if I can’t deal with my own 
how can I deal with yours 

Crazy part is 
I know how to heal your pain and loneliness 
I just can’t heal my own 
I guess that’s what happens 
when you look at life 
through a two way mirror— 
you can’t see yourself, 
but rather, the world that surrounds you.
I live life by analyzing, 
observing everything around me. 
But the day 
I can look through the mirror 
and see myself, will be the day 
I’m no longer in the state of loneliness, 
but a state of bliss.

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You came into my life, then quickly exited. 
It’s okay, really. I’m used to it by now. 
I thought you were the one, since I’m being real with you, but I guess I was wrong. I should have learned my lesson from previous experience, but apparently I didn’t. 
You were my love; my everything… My hotline only blinked for you.
You left me in the cold, crisp winter air that blew away all of the love and affection you ever had. 
Why couldn’t we work it out?! 
Was it me and not you? What did I do to deserve this? 
Did you ever really love me though??! Was all of this just some cruel joke?
What did I do wrong, baby? 
Please just tell me…
I’m so sorry.  
I miss you so much.
Your laugh,
Your touch,
Your scent,
Your smile.
I need you in my life! 
Don’t you understand that I need you in order to survive?
I can’t handle all of this insanity that I’m going through by myself…
I need you.
I need you because you were the only one to ever help me…
You were the only one who cared.

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A long, long time ago, when dogs talked instead of barked, and snakes had legs instead of none, we the human beings on earth had a narcissistic moon. The sun came and went as it should, and so did the moon. Now, our moon loved himself. He loved himself so much that he thought he was the most beautiful thing in this world, up until now.
One night, as the sun was setting, and the moon was rising, the turtles began to crawl up the shore. Their radiant shells glistened under the moonlight, catching the moon’s attention. “Well, hello there, Ms.Turtle,” the moon spoke. “What a lovely night we are having, aren’t we?”
“Why, yes it is, Mr. Moon,” the turtle replied as she was searching for food.
“Oh, and how marvelous my reflection is on this bright blue ocean floor!”
The turtle rolled her eyes but reluctantly agreed. Suddenly, a glimpse of the turtle’s shell caught the moon’s eye. The moon became envious of the slow-walking turtle. 
“Oh my, Ms. Turtle, your shell is so bright and beautiful, I wish I had a shell just like yours.” 
Ms. Turtle shook her head. “Be happy with who you are. Appreciate what you’ve got. There’s only one you, and not another.”
But the moon was caught up in his own little world and ignored what the turtle said. The turtle started to descend back to the ocean. As the moon stared at his reflection, wondering what to do, he said out loud, “I’ll change myself and become more beautiful too!”
As the night grew, the moon morphed himself to look like the turtle’s shell. The sun rose, the moon set and the cycle repeated all over again. The moon was admiring his new shape in the reflection of the ocean, when suddenly the water splashed and made a commotion. “Why hello good dolphins. Do you like how I look? Cause I sure do,” the moon said.
The dolphins giggled and laughed. “Honestly, you look kinda fat. Turn into a crescent like us. You’ll like it.”
The moon thought for a minute. What the dolphins had said consumed his thoughts. The moon thought, “I shall take their advice and change my shape again.” Outloud, the moon came to his conclusion and announced, “I shall look more beautiful just like my old self again.”
 So as the next night came, it was the moon’s time to shine, when a sassy slithering snake slid by. “You’re ugly! What happened? Just go away, no one likes looking at you.” That really hurt the moon’s feelings. He got depressed. He disappeared, just like the snake said.
 As the time went on, the moon didn’t show. He was thinking about what the snake had said. He realized he should ignore him, and listen to what Ms.Turtle said. He should try to love himself again. Slowly, he became a full moon again, but he was still insecure. Over time he tried to pull himself together, to make his mind and heart become whole again.

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Free Write
Hit the Books and Not the Backwoods
The thing about OUR generation is there is a time in life where things aren't a ball game no more. You’re on the road, turning at the wrong light, you end up in an empty lot, orange cones, concrete ruble, graffiti and sometimes even some old cars. YOU don't realize till something goes wrong, till you’ve lost family, “even if not by blood.” Now you don't know where you are. 
WE don't have to resort to the tip of backwoods, RAW or a medal handle with flavor.
If you really want no problems, if you want to get better, do something about it. 
I DON'T MEAN go give a fist to the face, 
to end up with the blood of another on your knuckles,
or start problems, but realize that 
YOU got a problem and get ya self help, give a chance to someone an spill ya problems and keep it real with them, or hit the books.
Things don’t change on they own. 
Our world didn't get to where it got by folks smoking they problems away.
BUT by working, turning the wheel the right way, especially for they kids. The fam didn't work till they dropped or come here illegally for 
teens to just be catching smoke or to be
getting cancer, 
goin’ to juvie. 
Doing RIGHT gets
you respect,
Gettin’ the dough or even a diploma to show ya folks that you can. 
It gets you a better life.
It gets you a productive life. 
Ain't no one ever said they got to the top without working. To get anything and keep what you want to be yours, YOU have to work and do it the right way.
If the car doesn't go when you turn the wheel, 
then you gotta get out and push it, but you can't push 4,009 pounds on your own.
You’ll need help, especially to get back to the light you made the wrong turn at.     

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There are too many emotions to count in this world, there are the simple ones like happiness, sadness, anger and anxiousness. What about the ones we hide? The ones we don’t like to show or talk about because we’re too afraid of what people may think or say?
The little flower opened its petals and saw the sunlight, when all of a sudden, a storm cloud formed. It was still in its growing stage so it wasn’t strong enough to withstand the winds and heavy rain and it immediately broke down. Then a few weeks later, there had been some rain but it was lighter, more like a drizzle, and the little flower was able to grow. It spread its petals again and reached towards the sun and smiled. The little flower was then greeted by another flower who was brightly colored, perky and looked like she didn’t know what a “hard time” was. Not knowing why, she started to cry. She was confused and began to ask herself, “Why don’t I look like that?”
When the bright flower walked away, she fell down and suddenly became overcome by a feeling of defeat and sadness. It began to rain again and she broke down. Admittedly, it took her awhile to build herself up again, she still managed to grow tall, but was a little bent from all of the pouring rain. But, she was happy that she was finally almost as tall as the other flowers in the garden. So she smiled at all the other flowers, and they didn’t smile back.
She didn’t feel so good after that. She wanted to hide but she couldn’t let them see how much it hurt her so she just stayed there, silently. She knew what she was feeling wasn’t normal, all the sadness and breaking down. She wanted to talk to an adult flower because she was scared that if she opened up to someone her age, they might judge her. She remained shy and quiet, but all of her emotions piled up after months and months of staying quiet and holding in. Little by little her petals fell apart, she wished that people around her would ask her to talk, even assure her it’s okay to have these feelings but it’s also okay to talk about them. 
 A few years later, a new flower grew in the same spot, although this time there was no heavy rain, no bright flower that was better than her, but she still had her bad days. She realized how tall she had grown and how strong she was. In fact, she was the bright, strong, beautiful flower in the garden. She found it hard to believe but knew that this came with taking sometime to grow and not letting other flowers, herself or anything on planet Earth destroy her. All she needed was to vocalize how she felt, even if it was to herself, to always feel as confident as she did when smiling at those other flowers. She was appealing to her own eyes and that’s all who she cared about impressing. 
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