AFH Art//Dennis Farguarson
Their names are Ayo and Teo, and they dance and sing. They dance hip hop, if that's what you call it. They do the folks, milly rocks and they do reverse.
They are also brothers. Ayo is 21 and Teo is 18.They inspire me. I love their dance moves. My favorite is Teo because I think he’s better than Ayo, in my opinion. 
I love their dance moves and their music. Some songs you should listen to are “Rolex,” “Better Off Alone,” and “Like Us.” These songs will make you turn up, especially if you don’t know them yet. I really love “Like Us.” I always play it in my room. Their first song was “Rolex,” and that was on the Hot 100 board. Here’s how they came up with the name for the song, according to an interview from Billboard.
Ayo said, “We went to the mall and saw Rolexes in different colors and faces. I sent pictures to our manager, and he texted, ‘Get out of the store now.’ But we really wanted them!”  
Teo added, “After that, I was like, ‘Bro, we have to make a song about a Rolex.’ I recorded ‘Rollie Rollie Rollie with a dab of ranch’ on an Auto-Tune app, then we went to the studio and figured it all out.” 
Ayo and Teo gained a fan base on both Instagram and YouTube for their live dance videos and personalized choreography. Before the fame, Ayo had been dancing from around the age of five. He and Teo danced at the BET Awards in 2016. Their dream collaboration is with the Migos. They said that they’ve been into the Migos for so long, and they always wanted to talk to them. 
Ayo said, “We have to come hard with the music now, cause ‘Rolex’ is a big song. We don't wanna stay with that one-hit wonder title. We wanna keep coming, follow in the footsteps of Rae Sremmurd.” Now Ayo and Teo are making a project that is almost complete and the project is the album. I can’t wait for it. I’m so excited for it, and I hope you guys are, too.

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AFH Photo//Kiara Maher
Are you passionate about music? Because I am. 
Ever since I was a baby, I have loved music very much like it was my life, and it wouldn't be love out of just listening to it. When I hear music, I automatically want to sing along or dance or even act out the words. When I hear new songs, I like to listen to it over and over again to catch the melody and rhythm. Each time I listen to it, I get deeper and deeper into the beat, but I also take time to listen to the words to feel what that artist is feeling in that song because I know that every song has a message, and if it doesn’t, it’s trying to prove a point. 
Many artists don’t just sing or rap for the money. Many do it to entertain people and let out what they feel through something they love. Some like to let out a passion through their passion.
I personally love the entertainment industry because it all catches my attention, no matter the show, movie, song, or dance, and it doesn't even matter the genre. I prefer hip hop and R&B before anything else, but I feel like if it’s good, it’s good. Your taste shouldn't have to matter towards something that is generally good.
When I was a toddler, I’d hear music and start to do little cute “dances” and ever since then, my family knew I’d be passionate about music. I used to even write some corny songs and grab a broom and sing it to my mom and others. As I grew up, my songs got deeper. They started being more serious and more relatable, and my songs actually mean something now.
When I write songs, I like it to be quiet so I can focus, but not too quiet because that kind of bothers me. I guess that’s because I'm always listening to music loudly, that's just my thing. It's very rare to hear silence in my room. My relationship with music is very serious! Taking music away from me is like taking breathing away from me, but don’t let that fool you. Music and I have a wild love-hate relationship because sometimes I feel that I’m not good enough or my voice isn’t good enough for me to sing or rap. I’m passionate about what I do, but I have doubts. I know I’m not the only one, but it’s just an insecurity.

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AFH Photo//Yvonne YanYing Chen
Lately, I’ve been thinking about this thing called sexism. If you don’t know what sexism is, it means when you judge a boy or girl by their gender. This world is sexist and many people are sexist, but no one knows or even thinks about it. Even educated people who are so-called “smart” can be sexist.
 Here’s an example that proves that educated people are sexist. One day I was in school. It was around 3:25 pm, and I was talking to a teacher.  I had just gotten my ears pierced a few day ago, and she asked me,
“Don’t you think you’re too young to have your ears pierced?”
I replied, “No, I’m not, I’m 13.” After that I said, “Do you have a daughter?”
She said, “Yes, I do.”
I replied, “So, does she have her ears pierced?” 
She said, “Yes.”
I said, “How old is she?”
She replied, “Twelve.”
Then I said, “Just because I’m a boy, I can’t have my ears pierced at a younger age? That is sexist.” She didn’t want to argue with me.
 Another example is that one day I was in math class and one of my friends was ripping up paper, and she thew it on the floor. My math teacher didn’t see who it was. When she saw all the paper on the floor she said,
 “Whoever ripped up this paper, man up, and pick it up!” I told my teacher that that comment was really sexist.
 Here’s another example from school. I was ELA class and my teacher told me a story. She told us that last year she was reading a book to her 8th grade class, and she would pick on the boys to answer her questions. Finally, one of her students last year asked her why she always called on the boys. 
Here’s one final example with boys. One day I was playing basketball, and I got hit and and it hurt really bad. I got mad and cried, and someone told me to “stop being a female body part.” And I thought to my myself, “That is sexist.”
 The reason I’m giving all these examples is that you don't have to be dumb or smart to be sexist. I don't blame you if you are sexist because the whole world is. I am sending this message out to stop that. STOP BEING SEXIST!

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AFH Photo//Mariana Melara
DIYs have taken over the Internet because they’re so handy. Have you heard about DIYs?
DIY (do-it-yourself) is a great way to get something in your hand, whether you need something or you just want something to do for fun. DIYs are a great way to save money and get new household items. 
DIYs save money by getting it done without having to leave home (most of the time). You’re able to make it with reusable items found in your house. You’re basically doing this every day with your hands, cooking, for example, you’re “Doing It Yourself.”  Just find a couple of videos that you like on DIYs and try one out.
A type of DIY you should try is slime. It's gone viral. People have been making this gooey substance throughout 2017. It's made from glue and laundry detergent, borax or contact solution. This DIY could be for entertainment. There’s also asmr videos that you can post online, and lots of people enjoy them. Some examples are clear slime balloons popping slime and even edible slime. There's just so much slime that you could think of. But some people pick the weirdest ones, so get as creative as you want.
Some other  DIYs you can try out are room decor to make your room pop out more. These handy hacks could be like adding color to your room or organizing your room to look fashionable and neat. Some ways you could do that are by making colorful shelves or lights. Another DIY that most people like for room decor would be a letter in your name with light bulbs in it. It could be meaningful words or just a letter in your name.
Some older teenage girls would like videos that show cute ways to organize makeup. They could use cute shelves and clear drawers to know which one to use. Even videos that explain clothing organization are cool, and so are videos that show how to pack clothes to make more space in your luggage or closet. Another way you could make a DIY is by using cloth. 
These are some ways DIYs could help you be an organized person and a person that cares about the environment by using DIYs in your life. This will help the environment because plastic and other things that could be recycled could be used in your DIYs.

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AFH Photo//Kassandra Flores
Lately everything is just temporary. Let me say more about that. Have you ever felt like everything around you is not even worth it? Like you feel like giving up?
 Every single time drama happens, you lose one of the most important friends to you. It feels like it’s not even worth it getting your bond back with them, but at the same time, you do want them in your life, even at the worst times. I always remind myself that if I lose someone or something happens, there’s always a reason.
God always has a reason for putting someone in your life and taking them out. Even if you don’t know it, there’s always a reason why he does that. 
 I remember not long ago, I lost two of my most important friends. It was out of the blue. I had so many ups and downs with them, but I still managed to care about them, no matter what. We always used to ride out for each other. If someone was talking about one of us, the other one would stick up. We always used to come back to each other, but I feel like this time, I lost her completely. She has been my rock ever since 5th grade-- we have always been together. Yeah, we had ups and downs, but we still managed to come back to each other. But this time is different. She was right and I was wrong. I made a big mistake trusting people who she knew didn't care about me the way she does.
The one thing I admired about her was she would always tell me things straight up. Even if I got mad or sad, she was always honest. No one had ever been that honest with me the way she was. No one really had the courage to stand up and say the truth, which is why I loved her the most. 
Even after everything we went through, she will always be a reminder in my life of all the struggles I have been through with her. 
Thank God I opened my eyes and saw who my true friends were. Even the people closest to you can make you dirty. It’s alright though, I’m ok, because at the end of the day, I realized everything was fake, which is why I don’t trust anyone or have friends anymore. 
This friendship taught me that everyone's not your friend, but I’m thankful that I got to experience this. I'm glad this happened to me because I opened my eyes.
We aren't friends anymore, and I never thought I would be so happy living my life, having cool vibes with other people who I didn’t think I was going to have a good bond with.
There’s something that one of my friends told me, “If y’all never had ups and downs or arguments, y'all are not really friends.” When she told me this, I knew it was true.  Name one pair of friends in the entire history of friends who never had an argument before.   
I’ll wait. Exactly!
But I’m happy this happened to me. 

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