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Dear Politicians: Am I Next?

February 14, 2018.

We rolled out of our beds, ate our breakfasts, brushed our teeth. We rummaged through our closets to find the perfect Valentine’s Day outfits, and we spent an extra moment gazing in our mirrors before heading to school. We went about our normal schedules, rolling our eyes at the couples making out in the hallways, spurning the cafeteria food in favor of Valentine candy. We packed up. We went home. We kissed our parents goodnight and we slept soundly in our beds, our biggest worries being our grades and our plans for the future. We woke up the next morning and began our routines again.  

But that was not a luxury everyone had that day.

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AFH Photo//Adam Nguyen
I was at school near the lockers and this girl came up to me and said,“Tell me why ‘so-and-so’ had your name in her mouth and said she was going to run up on you after school.” I honestly didn’t care, I was just upset that she kept talking about me. But I came to find out that she didn't say anything about me.  Also, a few years back, a former 8th grader came to my class and tried to fight a 5th grader over a boy.
Students in middle school and high school go through a lot of drama when people lie on each others’ name. Basically, they do it by saying that another person said something about someone else. But in this case, I’m going to tell you about people saying someone said something that they didn't say. This situation can happen anywhere like school, outside, and over text. I think this is an important topic because it turns into fights and sometimes it becomes violent, and it should be stopped. An 8th grader once said,“Finding out someone’s fake after y’all was cool is was like talking to snake your whole life.”
If you have ever dealt with someone who came up to you and said that someone said something about you that wasn't true, you should honestly not pay attention to it because it’s a waste of your time. If you’re upset, I think you should just go to the person and ask if it was true, but don't say who told you because then it turns into more drama. Also, don't go up to the person who told you saying, “Oh, you lie too much,” or “You’re a whole lie I'm cutting you off,”etc. Just don't go up to them at all because obviously they do it to start stuff or to make you mad. If you ignore drama, you will be able to focus on your school work and anything you need to focus on. Also people won't see you as a drama addict (a person who loves drama). I personally have had a lot of experiences with kids who started drama with me, and I noticed that the more you keep to yourself, the less your name comes up into people's mouths. 

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AFH Art//Dennis Farguarson
Their names are Ayo and Teo, and they dance and sing. They dance hip hop, if that's what you call it. They do the folks, milly rocks and they do reverse.
They are also brothers. Ayo is 21 and Teo is 18.They inspire me. I love their dance moves. My favorite is Teo because I think he’s better than Ayo, in my opinion. 
I love their dance moves and their music. Some songs you should listen to are “Rolex,” “Better Off Alone,” and “Like Us.” These songs will make you turn up, especially if you don’t know them yet. I really love “Like Us.” I always play it in my room. Their first song was “Rolex,” and that was on the Hot 100 board. Here’s how they came up with the name for the song, according to an interview from Billboard.
Ayo said, “We went to the mall and saw Rolexes in different colors and faces. I sent pictures to our manager, and he texted, ‘Get out of the store now.’ But we really wanted them!”  
Teo added, “After that, I was like, ‘Bro, we have to make a song about a Rolex.’ I recorded ‘Rollie Rollie Rollie with a dab of ranch’ on an Auto-Tune app, then we went to the studio and figured it all out.” 
Ayo and Teo gained a fan base on both Instagram and YouTube for their live dance videos and personalized choreography. Before the fame, Ayo had been dancing from around the age of five. He and Teo danced at the BET Awards in 2016. Their dream collaboration is with the Migos. They said that they’ve been into the Migos for so long, and they always wanted to talk to them. 
Ayo said, “We have to come hard with the music now, cause ‘Rolex’ is a big song. We don't wanna stay with that one-hit wonder title. We wanna keep coming, follow in the footsteps of Rae Sremmurd.” Now Ayo and Teo are making a project that is almost complete and the project is the album. I can’t wait for it. I’m so excited for it, and I hope you guys are, too.

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AFH Photo//Kiara Maher
Are you passionate about music? Because I am. 
Ever since I was a baby, I have loved music very much like it was my life, and it wouldn't be love out of just listening to it. When I hear music, I automatically want to sing along or dance or even act out the words. When I hear new songs, I like to listen to it over and over again to catch the melody and rhythm. Each time I listen to it, I get deeper and deeper into the beat, but I also take time to listen to the words to feel what that artist is feeling in that song because I know that every song has a message, and if it doesn’t, it’s trying to prove a point. 
Many artists don’t just sing or rap for the money. Many do it to entertain people and let out what they feel through something they love. Some like to let out a passion through their passion.
I personally love the entertainment industry because it all catches my attention, no matter the show, movie, song, or dance, and it doesn't even matter the genre. I prefer hip hop and R&B before anything else, but I feel like if it’s good, it’s good. Your taste shouldn't have to matter towards something that is generally good.
When I was a toddler, I’d hear music and start to do little cute “dances” and ever since then, my family knew I’d be passionate about music. I used to even write some corny songs and grab a broom and sing it to my mom and others. As I grew up, my songs got deeper. They started being more serious and more relatable, and my songs actually mean something now.
When I write songs, I like it to be quiet so I can focus, but not too quiet because that kind of bothers me. I guess that’s because I'm always listening to music loudly, that's just my thing. It's very rare to hear silence in my room. My relationship with music is very serious! Taking music away from me is like taking breathing away from me, but don’t let that fool you. Music and I have a wild love-hate relationship because sometimes I feel that I’m not good enough or my voice isn’t good enough for me to sing or rap. I’m passionate about what I do, but I have doubts. I know I’m not the only one, but it’s just an insecurity.

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AFH Photo//Yvonne YanYing Chen
Lately, I’ve been thinking about this thing called sexism. If you don’t know what sexism is, it means when you judge a boy or girl by their gender. This world is sexist and many people are sexist, but no one knows or even thinks about it. Even educated people who are so-called “smart” can be sexist.
 Here’s an example that proves that educated people are sexist. One day I was in school. It was around 3:25 pm, and I was talking to a teacher.  I had just gotten my ears pierced a few day ago, and she asked me,
“Don’t you think you’re too young to have your ears pierced?”
I replied, “No, I’m not, I’m 13.” After that I said, “Do you have a daughter?”
She said, “Yes, I do.”
I replied, “So, does she have her ears pierced?” 
She said, “Yes.”
I said, “How old is she?”
She replied, “Twelve.”
Then I said, “Just because I’m a boy, I can’t have my ears pierced at a younger age? That is sexist.” She didn’t want to argue with me.
 Another example is that one day I was in math class and one of my friends was ripping up paper, and she thew it on the floor. My math teacher didn’t see who it was. When she saw all the paper on the floor she said,
 “Whoever ripped up this paper, man up, and pick it up!” I told my teacher that that comment was really sexist.
 Here’s another example from school. I was ELA class and my teacher told me a story. She told us that last year she was reading a book to her 8th grade class, and she would pick on the boys to answer her questions. Finally, one of her students last year asked her why she always called on the boys. 
Here’s one final example with boys. One day I was playing basketball, and I got hit and and it hurt really bad. I got mad and cried, and someone told me to “stop being a female body part.” And I thought to my myself, “That is sexist.”
 The reason I’m giving all these examples is that you don't have to be dumb or smart to be sexist. I don't blame you if you are sexist because the whole world is. I am sending this message out to stop that. STOP BEING SEXIST!

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