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While FOX’s “X-Men” franchise has always been fairly hit or miss, I have always tried to enjoy them for what they are: a fine time with characters whose cartoon theme song is still playing in my mind.  Sometimes, in the case of “Logan,” I find a film that I thoroughly enjoy—however, that was not the case with the franchise’s most recent release, “Dark Phoenix.”
I settled into the theater with low expectations, simply hoping for a half-decent conclusion to the franchise that started the modern superhero craze. Two hours later, as the end credits began to roll, the older, bearded fellow to my left let out a large sigh.  In an attempt to deflect the awkward eye contact we had made, I asked,
“That bad, huh?”
To which he responded with a laundry list of reasons why the film we had just trudged through, was—well, just that, a trudge.  We talked as the credits rolled, discussing the movie’s failings, what could have been better, and what we begrudgingly enjoyed. 
However, that was the extent of the conversation I wanted to have about this film. After we left the theater, my movie buddy G and I exchanged the token “It looked cool” and “I liked the characters” remarks, then quickly changed our topic of conversation. We found “Dark Phoenix” forgettable—and therein lies the film’s greatest flaw.
 I literally could not explain the plot of this movie from memory. Here’s what G and I were able to piece together with no small amount of help from IMDB: After a rescue mission goes horribly wrong, telepath Jean Grey is imbued with a cosmic entity that gives her a special ability. While the movie never makes clear what the ability is, its power attracts an alien race hellbent on using Grey to take over our planet. 
However, despite the fact that I saw this movie an hour ago, I cannot recount any details beyond that. I can't even remember the villain's name. Throughout the film, there is far too much going on—from aliens to internment camps to an astrological deity—and very little makes sense. James McAvoy’s Professor X, for example, is kind of a terrible person until all of a sudden he isn’t. The plot becomes so cluttered with character deaths, romance arcs, redemption arcs, arcs being reused from other films in this same franchise, references to the comic this movie pretends to be based on, and some very awkwardly placed social commentary that it becomes difficult to figure who exactly we are supposed to be rooting for. 
The acting, or lack thereof, is also cringeworthy the whole way through. Reaction shots make tense moments utterly hilarious, and poor delivery muddies dramatic moments. An emotional death, the catalyst of much of the film’s conflict, is an awkward affair that misses the mark entirely. It is all but impossible to take this film as seriously as it wants to be. At more than one moment, a serious scene was interrupted by audience laughter at how off the performances were. 
Lead actress Sophie Turner’s bland and inconsistent take on beloved character Jean Grey is as paper thin as the pages of the source material she probably did not read.  Even worse is her relationship with co-star Tye Sheridan, whose portrayal of Scott Summers has about as much depth as the can of Pringles I enjoyed significantly more than seeing them try, and fail, to give a compelling performance.
Ultimately, “Dark Phoenix” is not worth your time, and certainly not worth your money. If you’re seriously hurting for your X-Men fix, “Logan” is without a doubt not only a superior film, but the send-off the X-Men series deserved.

Directed by Bryan Singer. Starring Sophie Turner, James Mcavoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Tye Sheridan, and Michael Fassbender. At Boston Common, Fenway, and others. 1hr 54mins. PG-13. 

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Three years ago, Warner Bros. announced the production of “Pokemon: Detective Pikachu,” and I signed a petition to have Danny DeVito voice the titular character. One year ago, I read that Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, would be playing the role and thought, “huh, neat.” Three hours ago—knowing full well the reputation of video game movies—I sat down with low expectations, but very high hopes. Twenty minutes ago, I let out a sigh and walked out of the theatre with neither met.
As someone whose life goal is to be the very best like no one ever was, I could not help but be disappointed by a film that, despite having so much potential, drops the ball faster than my Golisopod using Aqua Jet. Detective Pikachu, a live-action movie adaptation of the video game of the same name, stars Justice Smith as insurance worker Tim Goodman, (Get it? Cause he’s the good guy?). After hearing of his father's untimely demise, Goodman boards a train to Rhyme City, where people and pokemon live and work together as equals, to make peace with his father's memory. It is here he meets Lucy Stevens, the “young reporter” archetype, who informs him that his father was actually murdered. The movie actually begins to pick up when Ryan Reynolds as Detective Goodman’s pokemon partner, Pikachu, enters the story (the real reason anyone is seeing this movie). The three are then faced with stopping a shady businessman looking to harness Mewtwo, the most powerful pokemon, to change the pokemon world forever. 
 First off, it must be acknowledged that this is a movie made for children. However, so were “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse,” “The Lion King,” and literally every Pixar movie. The label of “kids’ movie” doesn’t excuse a nonsensical plot, poor dialogue, and subpar acting. The story is rushed, with the antagonist hitting the audience with vital information far too late in the game. Apparently—as we learn in the last 20 minutes of the film—Mewtwo isn’t inherently evil (something that anyone who’s seen Pokemon: The First Movie already knew). Rhyme City’s founder is actually mind-controlling it to merge people and Pokemon (something Mewtwo is...apparently capable of?). However, Mewtwo can only do this when pokemon are under the effects of the macguffin known as “Chemical R,” which sometimes forces pokemon into a state of rage, but then later inexplicably also serves as a sedative. These inconsistencies might be excusable in a film with less star power, but with several major studios and Nintendo in the movie’s corner, it can’t be ignored.
That being said, “Detective Pikachu” is not without enjoyable elements. The smart-mouthed Pika-Pool had the audience roaring with laughter several times with some surprisingly dark humor. If you’re a pokemon fan, you’ll be filled with nostalgia when you see the creatures whom you've built a bond with over countless playthroughs on the big screen. However, once you get past the “live action” pokemon gimmick, “Detective Pikachu” is mediocre at best and hardly worth the price of admission. If you’re dead set on seeing a movie this weekend, see “Avengers: Endgame” again instead.

Directed by Rob Letterman. Starring Ryan Reynolds, Justice Smith, Kathryn Newton, Bill Nighy, Ken Watanabe. At Boston Common, Fenway, and others. 1hr 44mins. PG.

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Dr. Najmo was at her lab working with her assistant Taina, testing the gun. They had been working on the gun for three years now.
“Do you think it's going to work?” Taina asked doubtfully.
Dr. Najmo didn’t reply to her, because she was watching the TV and saw news about gun violence. This reminded her of a past memory, of when she was five years old and saw gun violence on the TV for the first time. This was why she was making this gun. On the TV she saw corpses of students who died during gun violence attacks, and the family members of the dead students crying and yelling at police officers. They were killed by a man who shot and killed for fun. It was horrible news, so she shut off the TV.
In 2050, Dr. Najmo looked out on the street and saw that everyone was carrying a gun as an accessory. There was a lot of gun violence and death. The government wanted to ban the guns, but the second amendment would not allow that. Since the government couldn’t solve this problem, Dr. Najmo and her assistant Taina had ideas that would stop people from doing bad things. They had to make a technology that could know when you are doing bad or good stuff. It had to be something that connects to your brain. Since Dr. Najmo had a PHD in neuroscience, she knew it was possible to make this new technology. The new gun had a chip that went
into your brain, or into the person’s brain who wanted to have a gun. The chip helped the gun know what was going to happen with it. It will not allow you to kill any human, and the people who want this gun can use it only for hunting or for a gun collection, keeping the guns at home like trophies.
“I want to ask you a question and you have to answer,” Taina expressed.
“Okay, what is it?” Dr. Najmo said, wondering what she was going to ask.
“Do you think is going to work this time?” Taina asked. She breathed.
“Again with that question,” Dr. Najmo added.
“Just answer the question!” Taina urged.
“Of course it is going to work this this time,” Dr. Najmo assured her.
"We don’t even know how to put it together or make it work.”
“We have been doing this for three years, and nothing works,” Taina said doubtingly.
“Have patience, Taina,” Dr. Najmo pushed.
“If it does not work this time, I'm going to quit. I don’t want to waste my time for something that is not going to work,” Taina warned.
“Taina, it takes time and patience to be successful. We should not give up now when we are getting it right. We should try one more time before we make a decision, to see if is going to work. If it doesn't, we will stop the project,” Dr. Najmo said, convincing her.
“Okay,” Taina said.
Dr. Najmo started putting the gun together. She connected the gun and the chip together using tongs. She felt relieved now that her gun was ready to change the society for the better.
After she put together the gun, she started testing it for the last time, as she promised to Taina. She was standing and leaning over the table, and putting the gun parts together to find where to put the chip in. Taina was watching and listening to her as she put the chip in the gun. 
Dr. Najmo knew that she had to make this work because she had been working on this project for three years, and she didn’t want her three years of work and effort to go to waste. She was walking out on the pavement, and there was a target to test the gun. She raised the gun with her both hands to shoot the target. She closed her right eye under the goggles and shot the target. 
“Bang!” The bullet hit right between the eyes. She jumped out of excitement.
 “Finally my hard work pays off!” Dr. Najmo grinned.
Now that her gun worked, she decided to propose to the government that her gun was safer than the regular guns, and that they should ban other guns and replace them with her new guns. Now, she prepared to meet and shake hands with people from the government who made laws about guns.
“I have a proposal for you that can stop the gun violence,” Dr. Najmo suggested. “I made a new gun that works with technology, it’s called ‘stop wrong.’ This gun has a chip that goes in your brain, which connects them. The gun knows what is going on with your brain, and senses if you are going to do dangerous things. It stops working to prevent you from killing or harming other people with your gun.”
“This is a good idea, but how do we know these guns are safe, because sometimes technology has viruses, and starts doing the opposite,”said John. John was a federal firearm officer whose job was to make laws for gun control, and he was second in command after his supervisor.
Dr. Najmo felt like was he was going to reject her proposal, and all of sudden she got an idea to show that the gun is safe for people. She felt cold as she grabbed the gun and pointed it at John, surprising him.
John stammered as he said, “What are you doing?”
As she tried to shoot John the gun stopped working. She pulled the trigger many times, but nothing came out of the gun.
“Are you crazy? Do want to kill me?” John said.
“No, I was just showing you that the gun is safe for society and the government,” Dr. Najmo explained.
“Okay, I see your point, but I have to talk first with my supervisor before I say anything  to you. I will call you today at 6:30 pm.”
“Okay and bye.”
They shook hands and he left. Dr. Najmo started feeling relaxed as she had a 50 percent chance of getting accepted. She went back to her lab and started having a conversation with Taina.
“How did it go at the meeting?” Taina asked.
“I think it went well and our project will be accepted.”
“Well that is good news.”
“He said he was going to call me at 6:30 pm to give me the result after he talked with his supervisor.”
“I hope we get good news.”
“I am sure we will.”
Three hours passed and now it was 6:29 pm, almost the time he said he was going to call. The clock hit 6:30 pm  and her phone rang. She started praying before she answered the phone. After she finished praying, she answered the phone. 
“Hi, it is me John, and I have good news for you.”
Dr. Najmo was so surprised that she took a long time to respond to him.
“Hello, Dr. Najmo, are you there?”
“Yes I am here,” she stammered as she spoke.
“Your proposal is approved, would you like to make an announcement to the media?”
Dr. Najmo jumped up and down with excitement. She uttered “thank you,” and replied that she would make announcement.
“Today Stop Violence becomes fully operational.”
The nightly news went from gun violence to missing dogs and weather. People began taking walks at all times of the day and night without fear. The murder rate went down and so did the bank robbery rate and the home invasions rate. Yes, there was still some violence, but there was much less, and it was caused by other things like knives or hands. The society was better off because of their development.
“This project is important to me because in the past there was a lot of gun violence and the society was in fear. I decided to create this gun in order to stop the gun violence because innocent people were dying,” Dr. Najmo said to an audience.
“Parents were losing their son or daughter,” Taina added.
“And sisters were losing a brother, husband or father,” Dr. Najmo continued. “But now we live in peace and liberty because there’s no more gun violence.”



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New York City, Law Street
7:05 pm
Koral, a 24 year old wanted prisoner, escaped from jail this night. New York City had a warning out about his escape, as escapes happened so rarely. The first time a prisoner had escaped, they caught him and executed him the next day. Koral now needed a trusted place to hide, and the first person he thought of was his family’s friend. He remembered it as the one place that brought him back to his childhood, where he would play and have a great time with the old man. When he got there, it wasn’t the same as in his memory. Yet he knocked on the door of the building that now looked abandoned, hoping to see the old man.
 “You’re still here!” Koral felt relieved. “I need help, I didn’t kill my father.”
 “Come inside.”
 “Thank you,” said Koral. “It’s not only me, there are hundreds of innocent people in jail in need of help as well. I know where the judge is.”
 “This is for you, Koral,” said the old man, while handing a small box to him. 
 “What is this?”
“Don’t ask a lot. Just make the judge wear it.”
Three years ago, Koral was living with both of his parents in a poor family. Every night, loud voices were heard from their house. A drunk father yelling out at a poor mother, a boy defending his mother, and the mother crying. Koral’s father abused his wife by taking her small, daily amount of cash, which she gained by cleaning a huge factory. One day, Koral’s mother got sick. At midnight Koral’s father came back home as usual, and he saw the mother suffering in the bed with Koral in front of her. Yet, he didn’t have an ounce of a conscience.
“Hi you, woman, get up and bring me the money you got this day. Quickly, at least we are benefiting from this money, as you’re doing nothing in your life,” said Koral’s father.
Koral looked so angrily at his father and said no words, except telling his mom to not care. Five seconds later, Koral’s father repeated his word again with a loud voice.
“Hi, you, useless woman, bring me your money I said,” cried the father.
“Don’t you see that she is sick, how can she go to work like this?” cried Koral.
“She didn’t go outside the house today? What? Am I hearing that right?” said the father. He went to the mother and grabbed her from her clothes, and started shaking her while Koral was trying to push him away from his mother.
“How come you didn’t bring no money today, what do you want me to do to you now? Give me your mother’s gold ring!”
“No, no please not my mother’s ring, it’s the only thing I have left from her to remember her, please no, not the ring please,” pleaded Koral’s mother while so many tears ran down her check. The father used violence against the mother, and tried to take off the ring from her finger.
“Leave her, don’t touch her or I will kill you. Stop!” cried Koral while trying to defend his mom. 
The neighbors were all watching from their house windows and listening.
Suddenly, a gunshot was heard from Koral’s house. The father was shot in his back and fell down to the ground. Koral looked surprisedly at his father, then in the direction where the shot came from, and he saw somebody go out the door quickly and run. As Koral saw his mother on the ground, he couldn't focus on the somebody, and he tried to make his mother answer him by calling her name loudly. But it was time for her to leave him. After, the police came and arrested Koral with no evidence, only based on what the neighbors said to the police, that Koral had been the killer of his father.

New York City, Law Street
5:30 am
Koral sneaks down the back entryway of the court house into the poorly lit hallways where the cleaning workers were arriving. He is wearing a black cap with a hoodie pulled over it, trying to hide his face, but not out of fear. His hazel eyes are locked on the door of the judge’s floor ahead of him, but just as he was about to take a step down the hall, he heard a custodian coming down the other hallway with his cart. Koral hides before the worker can see him, then comes up behind him and holds his mouth shut.
“Shuu, I will not hurt you, I just need you to comply with what I am going to ask you to do.” whispered Koral. The worker looked so confused and nodded. Koral tied him up, took his clothes and his ID to disguise himself, and walked toward the door. Two seconds later, he came back and promised the custodian, “Sorry brother, I’ll make sure you will get your clothes back.” 
Koral entered the judge's floor, and he was alert of everything around him while moving without suspicion. As he walked, he watched a guy approach a security guard and asked him about where a specific judge was. The guard looked him up and down and called the other guards over. and without letting the guy speak, they dragged him to a special room. 
“0925, 0936, 0942— found it,” whispered Koral. He entered the room without anyone noticing, and he was now standing in front of the judge
“It’s not time for the cleaning yet, you’re probably new. Get out,” said the judge while focusing on his work.
“Not before you listen to me!” said koral while he quickly reached the judge. He took out a knife from his belt and put it near the judge’s neck, while holding him from the back. Koral had never hurt someone, and he will never hurt anyone, but he did it just to scare the judge.
“Who are you? Wait, what are you doing?” cried the judge.
“I will not hurt you, just listen to me. I am not criminal as you think, so you need to listen to me,” whispered Koral. The judge knew that he was Koral from his voice, as he was the only wanted person in New York City. Without Koral noticing, the judge reached a small button under his desk and pressed it, which sent an emergency alert to the security that something was wrong.
During the next twenty seconds the judge tried to calm down Koral, until the security came up to the judge’s room, and caught Koral. Koral was yelling to let him go and listen to him, but the judge didn’t respond, and ordered security to call the police and take him to jail.

New York City, Police Station.
Koral sat in the jail cell, so weak and hopeless, thinking about his execution that next day. The second door of the cell opened. A young captain entered the room. Her long black eyelashes were as beautiful over those golden brown eyes as honey, her smile was sweet like an innocent baby. Koral’s pupils dilated and shone as the stars in the sky when he saw her, and for a moment he forget all his pain and what had happened to him.
“It’s you Angela!” said Koral with excitement.
“Yes, it’s me. I am here for you. When I heard you were here, I couldn’t leave you alone. How are you?” said Angela.
“I failed Angela. That’s it, I can’t do anything now, even though I have strong evidence that I am innocent. I didn’t want this to happen, I thought I could help our people at least with a little thing,” said Koral.
“What was the strong evidence you had that you were innocent?” said Angela
“A technology that the old man I talked to you about gave to me while I was in jail. An invisible contact lens that when the judge wears it, it will show if the person was innocent or not. Whatever, I don’t want you to think about it now, it’s too late now,” said Koral.
“No, don’t say that Koral. The Koral that I know never gave up, he always stayed as strong as he could, even if something was impossible, he would always try his best. Koral, you’re not alone. I will do something I never thought I would do in my life.”
“Wait, what? Angela are you going to bre…” said Koral.
“Yes, break the law. I can’t see you and other people suffer from this injustice and do nothing. As long as I know I will be doing it for the right, I am okay with it. Now tell me, where can I find the lens?” said Angela
“It should be in my bag that they took when they brought me here. It’s a black bag that has the letter K on it at the bottom, and inside it, you will find a small blue box that has the invisible lens,” said Koral. Angela walked to the door to leave, and Koral called out, “Angela, thank you,” and then Angela smiled and left. Next, she went to the room where they put the arrested people’s stuff, and waited far away until the policeman went to the restroom. This is it, it’s Angela chance, she had only three minutes to enter the room, find the bag and take the lens without anyone noticing or catching her. Angela entered the room and got it, and suddenly when she was going outside, the policeman came.
“Can I help you, Capital?” said the police officer.
“Aa..aa, I am good, just got confused between the rooms. You know I don’t really came around here too much.”
“Okay, just make sure next time to not enter rooms you have no business in.” 
“Aa haha no don’t worry,” said Angela with fake smile and stress. Angela left the police office as quickly as she could. She took a deep breath and located the small box. Then left, with a huge speed.

New York City, Law Street
10 pm
Angela parkes outside in front of the court, waiting for the judge to leave. The judge gets out the building, enters his car and leaves. Angela quickly turns on her car and starts following him without him noticing her. When they enter a road where there is no one there, Angela speeds up her car and suddenly turns the car to block the judge’s way. The judge stops his car and gets out.
“Are you crazy? We almost died in an accident! Who are you? Get out of your car and face me!” cried the judge. Angela got out her car and showed her face, the judge surprised.
“Yes, it’s me Capital Angela B. I know the consequences of what I did, but listen to me first.”
“What’s wrong with these crazy people coming to me today and saying ‘listen to me?’ Did you risk your life for that? Why you didn’t just come to me in my office?” 
“The thing you’re about to hear from me may change both of our lives for the better or worse, based on you.”
“Wait, what?”
“I am here for the arrested Koral Para.”
“Wait wait, stop there Angela, you will ruin your life for that criminal? You're under arrest for putting the judge’s life at risk.”
“Okay, I am okay with that, as long as I know that I did it for a good reason, to be an upstander for what’s right. At least I never did something that ruined a lot of innocent people’s lives like you did. How can you put your head on the pillow and sleep comfortably while you killed so many people’s dreams, future, and life?”
“What are you talking about? Our government is doing right for us all to have a perfect society     without criminals around us.”
“How can you be that blind from seeing the truth? Arresting people without even any evidence is the right for you? Having children in jail because of their weak grades is fair for you? Just to be a perfect society! Imagine your child gets a low grade on their final test one year, would you accept him going to jail and ruining his life?”
“I know Angela, but this is how it works, we can’t do anything as long as there is no strong evidence to change the way it is.”
“No, there is. That’s why I am here today. Koral is innocent. He got arrested just because people think he was the one who killed his father, with no evidence.”
“But he escaped and tried to hurt me this morning?”
“Believe me, he wasn’t going to hurt you, he has never hurt anybody. He escaped because he had no other choice to save our society. He did that just to show you the technology he had which will help us all survive, and end the injustice that is happening. And here is the technology, please give us a chance and try it,” pleaded Angela.
Angela gave him the small box. The judge opened it and wondered what it was. He agreed to go back with her to the court in the morning at 5 pm.
The next day, the judge ordered for Koral to come to the court and try the invisible lens. Angela also wanted to show all the people that Koral was innocent, so she asked the judge to call the news stations to send reporters to the court and have them record what happened. Koral arrived to the courtroom, and he looked at Angela. She closed her eyes to make him feel a little bit comfortable. Then, the judge entered the room and everyone in the court stood up.
“We are here today, to take a look again of the file of the prisoner Koral Para, who was arrested for killing his father. However, we had strong evidence to help us do the right thing and find out the truth. With this advanced technology called the invisible lens, I will be able to see if a person is really innocent or a criminal. As I wear it, it’s supposed to show me all the prisoner records since he was born. So without losing any time, let’s get started. Prisoner Koral Para?”
“Yes judge, it’s me.”
“Stand up and look at me straight in my eyes without blinking,” said the judge. He wore the invisible lens and looked at Koral. After a second, a blue circle with small dots circled around Koral’s face, his ID showed up, and with capital letters it said INNOCENT. Then the judge held the contact lens to the court’s huge camera, and showed the people what the lens showed.
“I want all the people to know that Koral Para is innocent, and for the five years he was in jail, we will honor him by giving him a spot in the government. As Koral’s dream job is being a soldier, he will get training for that,” said the judge. 
Everyone started clapping, and Koral eyes smiled and filled with tears. The old man came up to him and hugged him as if he were his own son.
“Now, at least my conscience can rest a little from the pain I caused you to go through.”
The End.

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Lisa went into the room to grab some equipment. The room had many screens to show the patients’ information, only when the doctor puts in the code. She looked at the patients who were sitting in the bed.     
 “Good morning, I am your Doctor Lisa. How can I help you today?” she asked.
“Nice to meet you. I am John. I have a really bad headache.”
After a few minutes, while Lisa was examining John, he grabbed her hand and pushed her to the table, and touched a place he was not supposed to touch. Her face was angry and as red as a pepper when she realized she was getting harassed. She screamed as loud as a lion roared, and in a matter of seconds, members of the staff came to rescue Lisa. They saw John on top of Lisa, and two of the three members of the staff carried the crazy man out of the room. 
As Lisa was walking home from work, her mind traveled to images from long ago, thinking about stories her friends had told her when they were threatened and harassed. Sarah was one of those friends, and Sarah had told her about when a stranger followed her into her car. This made her think about using the technology she developed, called the ‘Electric Projector Nervous.’ She had been holding back and hoping things would get better. After having to hear about someone experiencing that same feeling, and not wanting it to happen to any other innocent people, she decided she wanted to take action.
 Lisa’s robot opened the door for Lisa and welcomed her home. Her friend Robert had won a challenge and gotten two robots, and he had given one to Lisa. 
“Dr. Lisa, welcome! What can I help you with tonight? You look very tired and angry,” said the robot. 
The robot brought her some water, and she started to type her message on her Hologram Machine. 
She typed the following: “As you know, we have suffered enough with men threatening and harassing women, and I was a victim myself today. I have this technology that I developed a few months ago when my best friend Sarah was harassed, but I was hoping things would get better. Today, I experienced my own incident, so it’s time for me to be an upstander and help all the women like me who are suffering and have suffered. Come to my house immediately, no later than 5:00 pm, and I will give you the Electric Projector Nervous shots. It goes to your nervous system and sends the brain an alarm to shoot an electric shock when you’re in danger of being harassed. The shot also expires after every year, so you have to get a new shot every year. I will set up a tent in my backyard. I hope to see you soon.’
After she sent the message, she headed over to the bathroom and wanted to take a shower. But, as she was done taking a shower, she dried her long black hair. She gazed at herself in the mirror and saw a strong women with large dark eyes and a determined mouth.
Lisa’s robot notified her that her guests were arriving to get the shots. The rows of women were getting longer and longer, and even though it was difficult to come because of the scorching heat of the sun, they still came. Lisa looked at the long line of women, thinking about the day she was harassed, and hoped that this day would change all the lives of the suffering women like her. She imagined their futures, where gender is not discriminated against, and in particularly, not women.
“Excuse me, does this thing have an age gap? I was wondering if my 4 year old daughter can get it too,” asked a woman who had just received her shot.
“I am sorry, your daughter looks too young. It’s for 12 years and older,’’ answered Dr. Lisa. 
Later that evening, a man heard his wife’s hologram while he was pretending to sleep and listened to his wife’s message. He couldn't believe that women could do such things, so he followed her. He couldn’t believe how many women were in the line and how diverse it was. He saw young, old, rich, poor, black and white. The man ran and called his friends to come join him, and when they saw it they were also shocked. They started attacking Lisa, but the woman who already gotten the shots ran to protect her, and an invisible power came off their hands and pushed the men away. They fell to the ground. While the men were on the ground they were shaking and their eyes rolled back. They couldn’t move for ten minutes. When the women saw this they were as surprised as a kid opening their favorite present. A television newsperson heard about the event and came to the house. 
“Here we are at Dr. Lisa’s house, and it appears that there are some men who have been attacked. Let’s see what Dr. Lisa has say about this,” the newscaster said.
“First, I would like to explain why these men are on the ground. These men attacked these women, and tried to assault them, so the women have technology that helps them to protect themselves from men who want to harm them. It will give electric shocks, and that person will suffer, like the men you are seeing now. I want people to know that women are not weak and men and women are equal. I like to tell men that women are your mothers, sisters, wives and daughters, so why are you looking down on them and making them inferior?” 
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