Love is getting attached to someone. 
Love is more than liking them; it’s a feeling you can't explain. 
Love is wanting them with you forever but you don't even remember the specific moment when you fell in love.  
Love is hours feeling like years without them.  
Love is going through hard and good moments together. 
Love is knowing you can trust them with your eyes closed. 
Love is never wanting to let go.  
Love is not knowing what to do without them. 
Love is having them every second in your head. 
Love is doing everything for them to be happy. 
Love is them trusting you, too. 
Love is getting your heart broken when they leave. 
Love is happiness just when they are with you. 
Love is something we need to live with. 
Love is peace. 
Love is feeling scared to lose them. 
Love is the best feeling in this world. 
Love is something magical. 
Love is inexplicable. 
Love is just love. 
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Loneliness is waiting for your text message that never comes. 
Loneliness is thinking that you will send that message. 
Loneliness is being alone without you.  
Loneliness is kissing someone that is never there. 
Loneliness is being forgotten by you.  
Loneliness is looking around and seeing only darkness.  
Loneliness is when you feel a hole inside of you.  
Loneliness is fake promises you make me believe in that never came true.  
Loneliness is  feeling that you lost something that never was yours. 
Loneliness is when I sleep without your good night.  
Loneliness is a fear of being alone alone, remembering when we were together.  
Loneliness is being afraid of changes.  
Loneliness is that love I never should have felt  for you. 
Loneliness is still waiting for your call, to hear your voice again.  
Loneliness is being stupid to the point of waiting a long time for you.  
Loneliness is putting faith in you, in us, in our future.  
Loneliness is when I write about you but never tell you my feelings.  
But…..I am tired of this loneliness.  
Loneliness, I’m so sorry but I need you go away.  
Loneliness, I am going to start a new chapter without you.  
Loneliness, what do you think now?  
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Dear Ex,  
 Today I get up inspired to write about you. Maybe you think I am stupid or that I'm sore because you broke up with me. But, I want to tell you that I am not stupid and I am not sore because you broke with me, it's more that you cause me to laugh because you are so ridiculous.  
I want to tell you that you are the most repugnant person in my life. You think that I never realized that you deceived me, and you also think that I believed all your lies, but remember that there is a big difference between pretending to believe something and that you think so. 
 I’m not going to lie, I loved you very much but then I opened my eyes and I saw the truth: that you are not worth it. When you broke up with me in the beginning I cried, but now I can say thank you God for giving me the opportunity to break up with him.  
Now I feel so happy because as the saying goes, “mejor sola que mal acompañada.”  Maybe you wonder why I say all this about you? Do you remember that day when I broke up with you after school? I told you it was because I found out that you cheated on me, and you told me that they were rumors. But, what you never knew is that that day I went down to the cafeteria at your lunch hour, I saw you with that other girl, but I preferred not to show that, because at that moment, I realized that I was too much for you.  
What makes me laugh is that now you act as if nothing happened, pretending to be my friend and at the same time telling me that still you love me. But for your bad luck and I turned the page where will I write a new story and you are not included. I beg God that no other girl has the bad luck to meet you. 
And finally I hope to God that you stumble with a girl you fall in love with and she does the same to you as you did to other girls and so you feel what I and many of your other girlfriends felt when you played with our feelings. 
Raulina Rodriguez 
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Dear Ms.Uyen, 
It’s been seven years. I hope you still remember me. If not, it’s okay too! I met you when I was in 4th grade and you were my homeroom teacher. I felt scared when I saw you because you looked so serious and it scared me. I  remember you had black hair tied up as a ponytail, you were wearing glasses, and your face was always emotionless. At that time, I didn’t realize how your eyes expressed your face, all I felt was my fear of your face. Then, one day, I figured it out.  You weren’t as scary as your face looked. You were very gentle and caring to other students. 
I still remember the time a student dropped his badminton shuttlecock in the corner of the stairs. It was a dangerous place because it was really high. Anyone could fall down if they dropped something and tried to reach for it. However, that boy risked his life to catch that, even though nothing happened to him, but the other teacher still brought him to the principal’s room. I remember the sadness in your eyes as you asked  him, “Is it ok to risk your life just because of the ball?” I realized that your face did not express your soul but your heart did.  
My point of view about you changed from that day.  Even if there was a time I did something wrong, you didn’t use anything to hit my hands like my other teachers did before. Instead, you asked me to write 10 times the sentence “I won’t skip my gym class again!” There was a time you comforted me when I had a bad grade on my math final exam. That day, my class celebrated a party and you bought a box of egg tarts for everyone. Then you called me and said:  
“Honey, don’t be sad! Next year, I believe that you can improve your math grade! So don’t be sad ok, everything will be fine!” 
The last thing that I want to say to you is thank you for always supporting and comforting me when I was sad. I miss you, Ms. Uyen! 
I love you, 
Your student 
Phuong Nguyen 
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Dear Rania, 
I wish you are doing good my best friend. It’s been a long time since I have talked to you or seen you since I moved to the United States. I still remember every second of that day when I left you in Algeria’s Airport. I remember that we hugged each other the whole time and we couldn’t believe that we would not see each other. And when I saw your tears, mine didn't want to stop dropping too.  
I didn’t want to leave you and come to the United States, but it was for my education. I still remember that day when I came back home after school, and I found my family all gathered together. My father started to explain to us that we were moving to America to continue our education and have a better future. My brothers were all happy, however I was sad and thinking about how I was leaving you alone.  
I want you to know that I was thinking about you all the way to the airplane and the days that I lived here without you. Before I fall asleep, I always think about the time we spent together and how I believe life will bring us together again one day. I tried to contact you on social media, but you deactivated all your accounts. I am wondering why you did that. I wish everything is okay. 
I am writing this letter because I want to tell you that I miss you so much and I want to see you again, sit together and tell you all the things that I see in the United States. Also how schools here look totally different than schools in Algeria. Here in the United States, we study only the basic subjects: English, math, physics or chemistry and history. Also, we have to study four years in high school and three years in middle school. It’s different than Algeria’s schools. 
Rania, I want you to know that I am not going to give up, and I’ll do everything possible to find a way to contact you and see you again. Also, to know that I love you and I’ve missed you so much. 
Maroua Malak Beddal. 
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