He’s nothing but a bully he doesn’t truly understand that he mistreated me fully  
He constantly called me names doesn’t care about my pain he can catch me in traffic switchin’ lanes 
 He spits on me  
I was too little to fight 
My future is bright 
The most unkind person I’ve ever known 
Placed me in a trash can  
I was 7 years old 
He showed me no respect 
Always makes me upset  
Nowadays I’m stressed 
I suggest that I lay down in bed and get some rest 
Honestly it’s really hard to forget 
Such a disturbing event  
He’s a Happy Meal kid at McDonald's 
Don’t bother to apologize because it’s too late 
Bullies like him give me a headache 
So painful  I can’t think straight  
Messing with me gets you flipped like a pancake  
For now I’ll take a coffee break 
He’s done too many bad things to me 
Spat on me when I was on the ground 
I would like to say thanks because it made me stronger 
Now I am the king of my own world 
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Happiness is a garden with diverse flowers 
Happiness is watching Netflix for a long day with a lot of popcorn  
Happiness is being home alone, time when I can just sleep, and being able to listen to music loudly. 
Happiness is getting only A's as grades 
Happiness is a closet with many clothes and you don’t know what to wear 
Happiness is getting a lot of wishes for your birthday and many expensive gifts 
Happiness is spending a weekend with your best friend 
Happiness is hugging someone you really love, someone you are scared to lose. 
Happiness is meeting an old friend I didn’t see for a long time 
Happiness is talking with your boyfriend for one hour on the phone.  
Happiness is hard to get 
Happiness is walking with no pain and feeling free to do whatever I want 
Happiness is parent’s love, a love that never ends 
Happiness is a family, a family who really cares about me 
Happiness is once more being free 
Happiness is getting special goodnight cuddles. 
Happiness is just you and me 
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Love is getting attached to someone. 
Love is more than liking them; it’s a feeling you can't explain. 
Love is wanting them with you forever but you don't even remember the specific moment when you fell in love.  
Love is hours feeling like years without them.  
Love is going through hard and good moments together. 
Love is knowing you can trust them with your eyes closed. 
Love is never wanting to let go.  
Love is not knowing what to do without them. 
Love is having them every second in your head. 
Love is doing everything for them to be happy. 
Love is them trusting you, too. 
Love is getting your heart broken when they leave. 
Love is happiness just when they are with you. 
Love is something we need to live with. 
Love is peace. 
Love is feeling scared to lose them. 
Love is the best feeling in this world. 
Love is something magical. 
Love is inexplicable. 
Love is just love. 
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Loneliness is waiting for your text message that never comes. 
Loneliness is thinking that you will send that message. 
Loneliness is being alone without you.  
Loneliness is kissing someone that is never there. 
Loneliness is being forgotten by you.  
Loneliness is looking around and seeing only darkness.  
Loneliness is when you feel a hole inside of you.  
Loneliness is fake promises you make me believe in that never came true.  
Loneliness is  feeling that you lost something that never was yours. 
Loneliness is when I sleep without your good night.  
Loneliness is a fear of being alone alone, remembering when we were together.  
Loneliness is being afraid of changes.  
Loneliness is that love I never should have felt  for you. 
Loneliness is still waiting for your call, to hear your voice again.  
Loneliness is being stupid to the point of waiting a long time for you.  
Loneliness is putting faith in you, in us, in our future.  
Loneliness is when I write about you but never tell you my feelings.  
But…..I am tired of this loneliness.  
Loneliness, I’m so sorry but I need you go away.  
Loneliness, I am going to start a new chapter without you.  
Loneliness, what do you think now?  
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Dear Ex,  
 Today I get up inspired to write about you. Maybe you think I am stupid or that I'm sore because you broke up with me. But, I want to tell you that I am not stupid and I am not sore because you broke with me, it's more that you cause me to laugh because you are so ridiculous.  
I want to tell you that you are the most repugnant person in my life. You think that I never realized that you deceived me, and you also think that I believed all your lies, but remember that there is a big difference between pretending to believe something and that you think so. 
 I’m not going to lie, I loved you very much but then I opened my eyes and I saw the truth: that you are not worth it. When you broke up with me in the beginning I cried, but now I can say thank you God for giving me the opportunity to break up with him.  
Now I feel so happy because as the saying goes, “mejor sola que mal acompañada.”  Maybe you wonder why I say all this about you? Do you remember that day when I broke up with you after school? I told you it was because I found out that you cheated on me, and you told me that they were rumors. But, what you never knew is that that day I went down to the cafeteria at your lunch hour, I saw you with that other girl, but I preferred not to show that, because at that moment, I realized that I was too much for you.  
What makes me laugh is that now you act as if nothing happened, pretending to be my friend and at the same time telling me that still you love me. But for your bad luck and I turned the page where will I write a new story and you are not included. I beg God that no other girl has the bad luck to meet you. 
And finally I hope to God that you stumble with a girl you fall in love with and she does the same to you as you did to other girls and so you feel what I and many of your other girlfriends felt when you played with our feelings. 
Raulina Rodriguez 
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