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Culture Club
Teenage Lullabies
Teens are notorious for not getting enough sleep. Many turn to songs to help them slip into slumber.
Wokie Tuloe
Board Games: A Personality Test
Pondering which board game is your favorite could tell you something about your personality.
Yvonne A. Dunkley
Pretty in Pink
"Pink represents the power in every woman."
Filomena Dasilva
Wealth Doesn't Insulate Against Discrimination
The only problem, he says, is that he's a minority in a majority world.
Joan Dotruong
Men's Fashion: A Scarcity of Style
Edward Prudent believes that fashion should be a place for men -- and not just women.
Legacy Thornton
The Everyday Struggles of Teenagers
No matter their race, gender, or sexual preference, teenagers face a host of everyday obstacles, whether they're about time-management or relationships, future plans, or the latest outbreak of acne.
Sofia Meadows-Muriel
Boxed In: The Dangers of Putting Labels on People
Labels are often based on a single fact and not a full picture.
Filomena Dasilva
Obsessions: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Obsessions can have a good and a bad side.
Rosa Sanchez
Americanized Ethnic Food: Lost in Translation
Jing Luo believes Americanized concoctions misrepresent her culture.
Joan Dotruong
Beauty Shouldn't Equal Pain
"You should love yourself, regardless."
Jennie Vilson
The So-Called Savage Life
"A savage is someone who doesn't care about the consequences of his or her actions."
Chris English
Tracking the Gender-Role Gap
Constraints on genders are being shattered every day, in every which way.
Katherine Bernardez
Gender-Neutral Bathrooms in Schools?
Enforcement of a new federal guideline may be uncertain due to a court ruling
Ayanah Stone
Gender-Blending But Still Offending
Despite these gender-blending times, distinctions are still being drawn by mainstream society.
Clinton Nguyen
Perseverance Under Pressure
"You should never stop fighting for what you want."
Vladimir Desroches
Teen T: Oh, Those Precious Passes
Tap, tap, tap.
Laurent Tossoukpe
Wireless Earbuds: Listen, Hear
A new piece of technology has come out: wireless earbuds.
Anna Pham
The Future Is Now
For some, basketball doesn't end after gym class; singing doesn't stop outside the shower.
Johany Herasme
When Talent Transends Tradition
In some communities. teems say, there's been a tradition of parents pushing young people towards professions they view as stable and financially sound.
Joshua Brimage
The Facade of "Reality TV"
Many teen say they can see right through the facade
Wokie Tuloe
Gleaming Meaning from Screenings
"They inspired me to become a woman who doesn't need approval of other people -- especially men."
Saredo Ali
Is the Zodiac Whack?
Zodiac signs can be used for everything from letting us tap into our personality and special talents related to our signs to helping us know how our day will go.
Chris English
If Age is Just a Number, Then Maturity is a Better Measure
"Maturity demonstrates you are responsible and mature."
Rachelle Brown-Mitchell
Manipulation Stations
"I hate when people try to control you."
Vladimir Desroches
Trending Now
Many teens try to stay trendy, purchasing the latest fashions and technology.
Kelly Thai
Happy Feat
For many teens, finding happiness can be a frustrating pursuit.
Jennie Vilson
The Romantics
Many say romance is dead. Not so!
Rosa Sanchez
Relationships: To Good Health
Formulas for a healthy relationship
Anne Marie Peri
The Quest for Culture
"Relating to other people make it fun to embrace my culture."
Victoria Livingston
Bystanding for Nothing
For teens, the truth often comes to light when trouble strikes.
Selena Lindor