September/October 2013

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Culture Club
The new math: addition by subtraction
She finds herself unapproachable and wants to remove this to be more confident later in life
Harrianne Errie
Bucket lists of the stars
Before I die, I would like to go diving -- skydiving, cliff diving, and scuba diving
Liraniz Colón
Obessions: the weirder the better
“It’s weird, I know, to dream about food, but I do
Adamajan Bah
Click. Life without a cellphone
No worries, she says
Sahanty Nawa
Haitian destination
For Haitian parents, the hopes can be especially high for their kids to become successful professionals -- doctors, lawyers, or engineers — even if it is not the child’s choice
Rosana Belizaire
Bucket lists do exist
Like others, they have a mental list of the most interesting things they want to do before they die, ranging from the simple to the more daring
Liraniz Colón
Sitting in judgment
Teens say that just because some don’t like the way a person dresses or acts or what they believe in doesn’t mean they should be treated rudely
Ilma Golemi
Games in the back of the bus
“But sometimes it can get out of hand
Jamal Young
Cellphone ferocity
O’Bryant School of Math & Science, says she spends about eight hours a day on her smartphone, checking social media websites and reading
Diana Barbosa
Shading the truth
She believes many teenagers prefer lighter skin because of pressure from society and from peers
Toiell Washington
Death toll
This death was prepared for; the great grandmother was 107 years old
Harrianne Errie
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
O’Bryant School of Math & Science, often sees dispatches about perfect relationships on her Instagram feed
Christine Nguyen
Pretty cool
Someone with great features may turn heads in a crowded room, but, teens say, it’s those whose personalities draw us to them who will win our deep affection and esteem
Mariam Bah
Discovering your dark side
“There comes a day where they explode
Ilma Golemi