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Online Exclusive
One Year Later, Franklin Park Zoo’s “Nature’s Neighborhoods” Prove Their Value
You will not want to miss “Nature’s Neighborhoods.”
Nicholas Mahoney
Virtual Reality: A Look Into the Future
VR provides an escape from reality (pun intended).
Daisy Wang
All Hair is Good Hair
Now, natural hair is making a comeback.
Infiniti McCain
PTSD: President Trump Stress Disorder
How Trump-trauma is impacting teens’ physical and mental health
Essence Smith
The Future Has Arrived with Artificial Intelligence
AI is already here, ready to make your life easier.
Christopher Fulton-Harley
Skip the Caesar! Teen obesity is a health and social issue
Until teens are living more active lifestyles, teen obesity will continue to be an issue.
Arvin Dilbert
Your Guide to Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
Sexuality and gender are both important when it comes to who you are and how you live.
Aaliyah Smith
Teens react after a summer of increased gun violence
I feel like it’s up to us, the upcoming youth, to take a stand against violence.
Djibril Conte
Your back to school diet
Students should consume the right foods in order to stay on track and boost mental stamina.
Anton Montgomery
The Pursuit of Appyness
Smartphones help people capture moments, learn things, travel, communicate and connect with others.
Grace Higgins
Get Out proves we haven't come as far as we thought
Jordan Peele introduces many subconscious ideas that should cause the audience to stop and think.
Kenneth Bufford
Ethical issues arise as immortality becomes feasible
Part of the reason that we tend to... love one another is that we know those people won’t be there forever.
Masha Leyfer
America’s Major Superhero Franchises Have Entered a Golden Age
Marvel’s movies continue to score big at the box office, so you can’t deny that their films are the most popular and profitable.
Richard Chen
Welcome to the learning society: How Western epistemology has colonized your mind
Students are encouraged to follow the “normal” path of life, but in actuality, this means kids can only follow one path.
Santiago Quiceno