November/December 2014

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Culture Club
Gay Life: Guys vs Girls
O’Bryant School of Math & Science
Miesha Tavares
Rich Man, Poor Man
“I honestly feel our society is now a place where showing off is like having to eat breakfast every day
Rose Koumbassa
Throwback: The Past Is Present
In the ’50s, for example, she used her influence to help singer Ella Fitzgerald play a California nightclub that she believed had barred her because she was black
Ariyana Bozeman
Dogged by the Pit Bull Vs. Rottweiler Debate
“I don’t mess with those type of animals,” says Ortega, from Community  Academy of Science and Health
Basia Brown
Fashion Peace
“Fashion itself is a form of capitalism that companies use to say what’s in demand  and what’s not
Marcos Hernandez
Work Money Tug-of-War
“Why not support your parents? They always support you
Brianny Pujols
Insecure, For Sure
“A girl may feel comfortable being a boy and a boy may feel comfortable being a girl
Jamillat Doumbia
Heeding Your Horoscope
O’Bryant School of Math & Science, likes to read her horoscope
Christine Nguyen
The True Meaning of Demeaning
“I felt like I was by myself
Widentza Pacombe
Filled With Self-Doubt
“Today we will write ‘I am’ poems
Emily Jimenez
Stalked: An Uncomfortable Presence
One might leave you socially isolated while the latter can bring on restraining orders
Marcos Hernandez
Feminism, Tumblr Style
Fast forward to 2014 and thousands of young women are now self- proclaimed feminists, with a large part of the movement originating from the social media site, Tumblr
Mandusu Sidibay
Death-Defying Acts
Like death will never come knocking on their doors
James Whitter
Mind Your Manners: (Um, What Manners?)
Blame it on their friends
Kelvin Crisostomo
Introducing the Model Parent
“The perfect  parent will always choose their child over anything because they were brought  into the world by them
Jennifer Le