May/June 2016

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Future Tense
Pencil Guns: Loaded With Lethal Lead
How Can You Feel Safe With Something Material?
Rosa Mejia
Apostrophe Catastrophe
Why God Did You Have To Make Me In The Shape Of An Apostrophe?
Marzana Khatun
Revenge On The Robots
We Thought The Robot Would Be Better For You
Eriken Calderon
Death By Internet
People Who Were Not Part Of The Government Could Only Use The Internet 10 Times
Dany Rodrigues
If Looks Could Kill
Scientists In 2081 Had Just Invented A Surgery To Make People Perfect
Yadilsa Paulino
Clones Or Drones?
Now You Will Be On Time Thanks To The Clone Machine
Andrea Taylor
The Perfect World
In The Year 2501, L Lived In The Perfect World
Dan Huynh
Forever Young
In 2090, People Valued Science More Than Anything
Fatima Ibrahim
Eye Spy
Here, In The Year 2035, The Human Eye Camera Was A New Technology From A Government
Danes Bien Aime
KC: The Computer In Charge
In The Year 2222, In A Far away Place Named Zootopia…
Ida Alves
Nuclear Confusion
Small Towns In The Southern Hemisphere Were Getting Wiped Out By The North…
Sherley Valeus
Gps Watch: A Time Bomb
It’s Time For Me To Have My Privacy…
Carl Y. Toussaint
Spaceship Trip To Mercury
One Day, In The Year 2050, Mark Wanted To Buy A Spaceship And Travel To Mercury…
Halima Ibraham
Bracelets Or Handcuffs?
Tansia Was The Most Powerful Country In The World…
Witney Clervil
When In Drought
It Was The Year 2167 And There Was A Complete Drought In The World
Kevin Predestin
Green Slime
The Apple, Mango, Banana And Other Trees Were Huge, Like The Eiffel Tower…
Amal Ibrahim
Toy Society
In New York City, In The Year 2400, The Human Population Was Just Like That Of Ants…
Jing Chen
The Phone Addict
Right Now, Your Phone Is Dangerous
Rosa Rodriguez
Gold Is Cold: The Demise Of Poor People
We’re Going To Destroy The Poor People’s Side Of Town And Destroy Those People, Too
Carolaine Ribeiro
One Face
The Year Was 2040. Everybody Was White, With The Same Face…
Felizmina Cardoso
The Lifekeeper
Within Five Minutes, The Baby Was Formed Inside The Lifekeeper
Claudio Ribeiro
Barbie Dolled
Barbie 003 Ignored The Sign And Entered, Anyway…
Jessica Andrade
March Of The Machines
'i Think You Should Not Use The Machines'
Franly Gonzalez
Donald Trump IV: Total Power Through Mind Control
This Device Is Magnificent When It Comes To Controlling A Human’s Mind
Johana Sainma
On Point
Roots Run Deep In Teen Violence
People Can Commit Violence Because They Are Angry Or Lonely Or Desperate Or Feel Inferior
Rooby Denaud
Children: The Silent Sufferers Of Domestic Violence
Let’s Not Overlook The Children The Forgotten Victims And Silent Sufferers
Melanie Mora
Tusk, Tusk: Hands Off My Elephants!
Heartless hunters want to do them in
Sarskiyya Wallace
Anti Muslim Backlash: Nothing New
I Remember When I Had To Deal With Racism
Mohammad Umair
Food Fiction
Food Insecurity Can Be Especially Damaging To The Physical And Psychological Development Of Young Students
Joseph Piard
Out Of Bounds: When Trash Talking Turns Into Taunting
Even In The Heat Of The Moment, Sportsmanship Is A Big Part Of The Game
Sofia Meadows-Muriel
The Link Between Low Income And Low Achievement
Many Teens Have Overcome These Difficulties By Learning To Be Resilient
Ronald Francois
Good Parenting Is Hard Work
Good Parents Set Limits And Raise Their Kids In Ways That Will Make Them Be Successful
Katherine Urbaez
Long Division
No One Is Born Hating Each Other
Daina Smith
Change Is Good
If You Could Change One Thing In Your Life....?
Yvonne A. Dunkley
Effects Of Child Abuse Can Linger Into Adulthood
Children Are Our Future. Aren’t We Supposed To Love And Protect Them?
Olecia Reis
Moving On Up?
Moving Up From A Socioeconomic Class Is A Lofty Goal
Anilda Rodrigues
For Teens, The Warning Signs Of Mental Health Issues
Today, One In Five Teens And Young Adults Live With A Mental Health Condition
Estefany Ramos
Throwing Darts At The Donald
“How Can America’s First African American President Be Succeeded By A Racist, Sexist Ignoramus?”
Elebetel Assefa
Baby Talk: Education Starts At Home
I Know A Woman Who Never Talks To Or Reads To Her Son
Crismeiry Mejia