May/June 2014

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Teen Voices Rising
Body slam
Walk into the show and you are met by a series of real, preserved human bodies -- mostly male
Payton Coutlis
Meet TVR
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I am not this or that enough
I would not be beautiful enough if you were to ask the world of social media
Nicole Dubov
I am not me enough
I’m no longer the goofy person who is carefree
Coliesha Turner
Say cheesy:
His method was to remove the lens cap and run into the frame
Hayley Calderon
Ode to selfie
Selfie. Look at me. This fake smile, It’s all you’ll see. Selfie. Look at me. Tell me please,
Nicole Dubov
A punk rock remedy
My first concert was very much like the first day of high school, except with students a whole lot older and a whole lot smellier than me
Cabricia Diaz
Looking for love in all the wrong places
I look for your dreamy eyes and valiant nature, but you are nowhere to be found
Nicole Dubov
Female power outage
But even after such a revelation, statistics just do not seem to correlate with our expectations
Janice He
I don’t have extraordinary physical or mental capabilities, I’m too afraid to leave my house on my own when it’s dark, and I am a girl
Naomi Shaw
Here’s my advice
It’s also where I should be
Coliesha Turner
The aftermath of bullying
I was the new girl in elementary school, the girl no one wanted to be around, the new girl who wore weird stockings and Old Navy sweaters, back when Old Navy wasn’t cool
Annie Cheng