May/June 2013

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City Life
Roslindale: “Come on over”
We have basketball games and play football
Ryan McGahey
West Roxbury: “You can live together without any troubles”
Sometimes you can listen to people singing Muslim songs, Spanish songs
Jean Merisier
Hyde Park: “Sometimes, boring can be good”
During the summer, the housing development is full of kids running around
Hirmine Francois
Dorchester: "We still know how to keep smiles on our faces as we struggle from day to day"
I judge my neighborhood by the way everyday people act
Raymond Barreau
Roslindale: "People are really friendly and helpful"
There are different kinds of restaurants
Kripa Thapa
Dorchester: “Over the years, many people have worked hard to build a community”
Losing loved ones
Yameci Nunez
Roslindale: “Everyone looks out for each other”
There are many different kinds of people: Spanish people, African-American people, Asian people
Gesar Naksi
Hyde Park: “I am proud to live there”
My family is big, and we have fun be- cause we do things together
Alejandra Quinones
Roxbury: “Filled with people who care”
The street can’t have any cars parked that day
Elhan Jama
Roxbury: “It’s not just some houses with people in them”
My neighborhood near Warren Street is not only filled with wannabe thugs; we actually have church people, and maintenance men trying to keep our housing development nice and assist residents with anything
Rutheliz Vazquez
Roxbury: “I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff happen here”
But it feels -- and will always feel -- like home
Aliseth Guevara
Mattapan: “One wrong look...”
There are kids always sitting on my friend’s stoop, doing nothing but making noise, never listening, and riding up and down on their bikes
Whithney Augustin
Roxbury: “We are all family inside”
There is laughter and music outside, people having a good time
Mervin Morrison
Dorchester: “In my neighborhood, there are people from all over the world”
Many old, almost run-down family homes line the place
Diana Barbosa
Hyde Park: “Everywhere you go leads to something new”
A lot of people walk around
Nefertarie Georges