January/February 2014

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Cover Story
Culture Club
One step at a time
Others do it through writing
Farmata Samati
A plan from parents
However, parents can stop the kids from watching them
Ritza Joseph
The benefits of belly laughs
There are many good benefits you can obtain from laughing
Jeffrey Alcantara
Food equals mood
Accord- ing to scientists, your diet not only affects the physical part of your body but also your psychological mood
Estefany Ramos
“SpongeBob”: not so fantastic
I live with children every day and I see their reaction after watching the show
Carlos Ribeiro
“SpongeBob Squarepants”: a reality check or menace to society?
I don’t let my son watch it, either
Genesis Duran
Fear of love
Love is a tender thing; when heartbreak comes, it’s like something is killing your soul in slow motion
Penda Seck
Food fight
They share lockers, clothes, and even money, but some teens feel a line is crossed when friends pick food off their plate
Jamal Young
Relationship rules
If the person she also was attracted to didn’t have the same mind-set as her, she would forget about him
Tenneh Sesay
A day with nature
It taught me that the moment when we get tired of life, tired of the same thing every single day, is the exact moment when we should actually do something different
Ilma Golemi
Working class hero
Trust me, I’ve seen all the episodes repeatedly
Shanique Lewis
TV or not TV
Back in the day, TV was used to see news and watch movies
Ali Diakite
Go read a book
Sometimes, a child can get addicted
Nishan Okubazghi
Taking control
When I came to America, I noticed that my mom didn’t like me to go outside much, so she always told me to watch TV
Arquely Burgos
Slow down
Sometimes, TV can be beneficial for learning English
Seila Cardoso