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Teens in Print

Boston Teens in Print is the only citywide youth newspaper written by and for Boston public secondary school students. Launched by WriteBoston and The Boston Globe in 2004 and published five times a year, TiP is a platform for student journalists, essayists, poets, and artists. It is delivered to Boston high schools, libraries, and community centers.

But it is not just a newspaper — it is also, for urban teens, an afterschool program and summer journalism institute, both free. TiP gives a voice to Boston’s youth, a voice that bellows from one end of the city to the other, across the boundaries of neighborhood, class, and ethnicity.

For more on TiP, check out a Boston Neighborhood Network interview with TiP program director Carla Gualdron and TiP contributor Sophia Meadows.

Behind the Scenes


Send forms to WriteBoston, located at 2300 Washington Street, Roxbury, MA 02119 or fax to (617) 541-2660.

Contact Carla at (617) 541-2635 or send her an email at carla.gualdron@boston.gov.


Carla Gualdron
Program Director, Teens in Print

Carla's story is a quintessential one of things coming full circle. As a sophomore at the former Media Communication Technology High School in West Roxbury, she joined the Teens in Print newspaper as a staff writer. It was there that she got her first taste of ink. That feeling of accomplishment in seeing her name in print sent her on a quest to become to journalist. A Boston native, Carla stayed local and attended Emerson College where she earned her degree in print journalism. Since then, Carla has quenched her thirst for bylines through the Boston Herald, El Mundo newspaper, and The Enterprise. In 2016, Carla returned to Teens in Print as the Program Director, hoping to inspire budding cub reporters.

Julie Biegner
Teens in Print AmeriCorps VISTA

Julie is the AmeriCorps VISTA for Teens in Print. She studied Communication at Boston College. After graduating, she worked for a freelance writing boutique where she enjoyed writing, editing and drinking too much coffee. Julie then joined a startup as a Community Manager and developed a fascination with the possibilities for technology and digital media in social impact. Now, she is excited to join Teens in Print and work with amazing students on putting together an amazing newspaper.

Jennifer Prandato

A designer living in New York City who is constantly wearing lipstick, listening to Kanye West & searching for typographic prints to hang in my teeny, tiny studio apartment.